Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012

The year is gone but there is a new fresh year around the corner.
I love this transition day, to look back at the past year and ask myself questions like;
Did I reach my goals, wishes, what about my to do list?
Do I have new goals and how can I make myself a better person?
I always want to learn, evolve and grow, call it ambitious :-)

One thing I am very happy about is this little blog your are at right now.
Thank you for visiting and please keep on doing that in the new year.
I am very passioned about this blog and love choosing images, making images
and maybe inspire you as I am inspired by other blogs,websites & magazines.

Thanks again for visiting in 2011, see you in 2012!!!

Bisou Anna


Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Years Eve party make-up tutorial

How about a sultry hot and sexy New Years Eve make-up look?
Just follow the steps, practice a few times and 
you will be the vamp of the party! 

1* Choose a color and apply it allover the moving eyelid.
Like a taupe, purple or a shade of gray.

2* & 3* frame your eye with a greasy eye-pencil (a darker color then step 1), 
but do not close the frame, stop before you hit the inner corner.
Leave this part a bit lighter than the rest. It will open up your eye.
Grab a smudging brush and smudge from dark to lighter.
When to light, ad more dark eyeshadow.... Build it up...
Do not be afraid, it is just make-up. The secret is the smudging.
And that is a few times practicing  :-)

4* An eye-kohl in your eye will make the look more powerful
and lashes on top and bottom will give your look DRAMA.
Of-course you can also choose for less drama and you only ad lashes on the upper eyelid. 
If even that is to much, cut the lashes...and apply one lash after another between your own.
Easier to do and it will look natural but sexy!!

5* Clean your skin and even it out with concealer and foundation.
Shape your brows, maybe fill in the lighter parts with an eyeshadow or eyebrow powder.
Some blush on the apples on your cheek and a clear lipgloss.
The most important part of this look is self-confidence...
So put on those heels and be the best you can be... YOU!

For the look I gave my lovely cousin (who had to model for me :-)
I used all Yves Rocher products....

Please try to do something you normally would not do.
And surprise yourself, I know you can do it!
Have fun

Bisou Anna
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Hair & Make-up by Judith Anna Pronk
Model Anne Bo Hattem
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Grandmothers pears!

 My grandmothers typically Dutch winter-pear recipe.  
My favorite winter dish ever!!
The smell is amazing, you do not have to buy a scented candle :-)

Poor all the ingredients together and stove the pears slowly for about 2,5 hours
You can eat them as dessert, hot with ice creme, or as a side dish (hot or cold) 
Everybody will love you for rest of your life. 
Trust me!!!
You can play around with the recipe very easily, ad more wine
or also ad star anise, orange peel or leave out the clove vica versa and etc.... 
Just make them with love!

Bon appetit, Bisou Anna

Ingredients; Gieser Wildeman or Saint Remy pears, water, red wine
red sirup/lemonade, cinnamon sticks, fresh vanilla, vanilla suger and cloves
The amount of it all is all about your taste.... 

All photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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Monday, 26 December 2011

Studio outfit!

Photographer ( Karlien van der Geest) had to test the light in the studio on set, 
before the models could to do their thing, so off course I offered myself :-)
They are quite funny so I wanted to share them with you.
An outfit post :-)
Massimo Dutti cashmere sweater, Kookai pants (also seen here)
neckless by Patricia Thomazo(also seen here),  ZARA golden brogues (also seen here)
and Nailpolish "Carry On" by ESSIE

Hope you had an amazing Christmas
Bisou Anna

Photographed by Karlien van der Geest
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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Erica's Closet

Erica van Lanschot Hubrecht 
55 years old from Amsterdam - Stylist & PR advisor
Quote: Careless dressing is moral suicide 

Designer/ Brands: Miuccia Prada, Chloé, Alber Elbaz, John Galliano (even though his ridiculous words), Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford for saving Gucci   

Inspiration: Blend magazine, I-D magazine , (German) Vogue, Films/Movies, Photographs, the Berlin from Christopher Isherwood, Wallis Simpson, Scot & Zelda Fitzgerald and the wardrobe from the 3os

Style Icon: I do not have style Icons, only heros. Diana Vreeland is my hero. She was the style advisor for Jackie Kennedy.Mmmmm so if I have to choose an "icon" I would say Jackie Kennedy.
My second hero is Grace Coddington; what a pro, what a vision, what a woman!

Clothing: I am a "jacket" woman.I love beautiful feminine cuts, with a great tiny waist and pleats.
It is all about the silhouette! What does it look like? Is it beautiful, powerful and very important feminine enough?
In the 80s I wore a lot of Japanese designers like Kenzo, Issye Miyake, Comme des Garcons and Yohi Yamamoto.
But at one point it became (literately) to complicated for me, and I choose for a more subtle and softer silhouette, but the love for black always stayed. I invest in classical pieces. Timeless basics with beautiful details but always with a little twist to it. My accessories are the icing on the cake! 

Store: Kiki Niesten, Het Modepaleis van Dries van Noten, Van Ravenstein &

Color: Black, black, black and in summer white and all non-colors like off white, soft grays etc...

Fragrance: Organza by Givenchy & Mitsouko by Guerlin, both mysterious and sensuous scents, but not to heavy to wear during the day and night

Make-up: Dior, Chanel,  Shiseido and I never leave my house without wearing my all time favorite red matt lipstick "Gruella" by NARS. For my nails I use Rouge Noir by Chanel and for the cuticles Creme Apricot by Dior

Own Style: Elegant, feminine and Classic, but always with a fun twist.

Fashion Understatement: Birckenstocks, Crocs, Uggs, leggings, backpacks, fleece sweaters and shorts must be massively burnt !

Bad Buy: Lots off times I buy the wrong heels. To high! But still... I display them and watch for hours!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Start with the basics! Wear good (maybe even correcting your shape) underwear.
Always invest in the best quality YOU can afford to buy . Apply this new slogan on everything in your live.
And last but not least; keep it simple and make a statement with a beautiful well chosen accessories 

Oh my Oh my... isn't this a beautiful woman with a beautiful closet.
Oh and how good can you look at 55?? Wow!!
I am very proud to share this with you and so was Erica.
With grace, enthusiasm and passion for every piece, she showed me all.
I hope you enjoyed watching this Closet post as much as we while shooting it.

Thank you again Erica
Bisou Anna

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas at home...

Every year I am thinking of changing the color of my Christmas tree, 
but I am still so in love with some of the decorations. 
The dress and moon are by Victor & Rolf and the lovely handmade mermaid  
(the only color in the tree) are all gifted by girlfriends (who know me very well :-)
So I'll stick with my white tree again this year....
In the star frame a picture of my son 1 day old and the first Christmas card I got this year is by Vanilia.

I hope you can celebrate Christmas with your loved ones
relax, eat (not to much) and have some fun.

Merry Christmas 
Joyeux Noel

Bisou Anna

All photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The new...

The new...
* Finaly the magazine in my mailbox
* Beautiful neckless I bought in Isla Morada @ Blue Island Store USA
* Lace star shirt by Massimo Dutti
* Pretty chic big bottle of my fragrance Fleurissimo by Creed since 1760

Bisou Anna  

All photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas make-up tutorial

A basic eyeshadow. I choose for an taupe color by Esteé Lauder
And a clean soft foundation on the whole face. Do not forget your throat!!!

Eyeliner, define your brows and mascara.

Put un the lashes....
Do not use to much or to little glue...
and let the glue dry a bit on the lashes before putting them on your eyelid.
Then start with the center, press them in the corner of your eye and finally the outer corner.
You can use your fingers or a tweezerman. 
It is practicing and practicing and practicing, but please do because it is so much fun and glamorous!

Put a lipbalm on top of your eyeliner or were ever you want your glitter to get stuck.
I use Rosebud Salve or Eight Hour Creme by Elisabeth Arden.
Just a bit with a cotton-tip and then with the cotton-tip you place your glitter.

Put on a great color lipstick, red, fuchsia but a nude will also look great
Oh and do not forget a blush on your apples :-)

Have a great party!

All the products I used for this look are 
(from left to right)
Yves Rocher mascara (buy here), Yves Rocher lipstick ( buy here), Duo eyeshadow by Esteé Lauder,
MAC nailpolish, loose glitters, Double Wear foundation by Esteé Lauder
Tweeserman, little can of Rosebud Salve, lash curler by Shu Uemura
and INGLOT black eyegel.

Have fun practicing!
Bisou Anna

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
Make-up by Judith Anna Pronk 
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