Anna's Closet page

Jamilla's Closet

Jamilla Samson - model @ Ulla Models
Weesp - The Netherlands

Designer/Brand: River Island, Nike, H&M, G-Star, New Yorker, Denham

Inspiration: Pinterest, Instagram & what I see on the street

Style Icon: Not specific

Clothing: Sneakers & Jeans

Store: Urban Outfitters, Victoria Secret (because of the experience)

Color: At the moment, pink, the softer color pink, salmon pink, baby pink....and grey and "GOLD"

Fragrance : Bronze Goddes by Estée Lauder

Own Style: Uhmmm...I think with an edge!

Fashion understatement: Uggs.......and way to baggy pants on a guy (or a girl :-)

Bad buy: Poncho of Arma...  Maybe some day..I'm going to wear it..

Ultimate styling tip: It is the inside that makes an outfit "When you feel good, you look good" !
Dare, dare to step out of your comfort zone! Feel feminine, sexy but always with class. 

A lovely morning this week on a rainy day in May.
Beautiful Jamilla welcomed me with hot tea (in her grandfathers teapot) and jummy little cakes.
Thank you for your hospitality and trust in me and the pictures.
You can follow Jamilla on Instagram here

Bisou Anna


Glenda's Closet

Glenda Aubri-de Vries - Member of the 50s club
Concept designer, Stylist & Illustrator

Designer/ Brands: Dries van Noten, Paul Smith, Vivian Westwood, JCrew, Anthropologie & H&M
Inspirations: Color!!!!!! Art, cultures, traveling, movies, magazines, food and prints 
Style Icon: I adore ex model Beverly Johnson. I admire Miuccia Prada and Jenna Lyons for great sense of style and color. 
Of-course I absolutely love Diane Vreeland & Iris Apfel
Clothing: Pencil skirts, harem pants, little printed cardigans & wide pants 
Store: JCrew, Anthropologie & Victoria Secrets 
Color: Lots of GOLD!!! pink, greens, curry's, burgundy's, white, lime...NO BLACK!!!
Fragrance: Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan
Own Style: Colorful!!!
Make-up: -
Fashion Understatement: That people not wearing glasses are prettier that people who do wear glasses. SO NOT TRUE!!!
Bad Buy: Never have one!
Ultimate Styling Tip: The right accessories are the most important thing in a whole look/outfit. 
Quote: "Shoes are the thermometer of your style" Andre Lyon Tally 

I can not describe how happy I was when Glenda said yes to my "Closet question" last year. 
Finally after 5 or 6 months our schedules matched and so I drove up to her lovely home (1 hour from Amsterdam) last week. 
Six years ago when I just started doing make-up she was one of the first stylist in magazine land that booked me 
and challenged me to work with colors for our editorials. 
Every-time I saw here I was "Wow'd" by her outfits. Always color and prints and clashing them like I would never dare, 
but she pulls it off (even if she is a member of the 50's club (her words:-))
She is a Japan freak and went there lots of times to get inspired for styling jobs and her own style. 
Collects fabulous designer handkerchiefs (look at the openings picture were she stands in front of her collection), scarfs, socks and fabulous bracelets. 
Her closet is one to die for!!!!   

Dear dear Glenda thank you for sharing your insanely fabulous "closet" and drawing those amazing self-portraits :-) See you soon!

Bisou Anna

Photography by Judith Anna Pronk 
Illustrations by Glenda Aubri de Vries


Willemijn's Closet

Willemijn Bodt 28 years old from Amsterdam

Designer/ Brands: See by Chloe,Isabel Marant, Tucker, Marlene Birger, Felder Felder, Stella McCartney, Rebecca Minkoff 
( oeh..I can not stop. To many brands I love, to many styles to love..)

Inspiration: People around me inspire me, but also beautiful images you find in magazines, on the internet or simply in the areas that surround you. Shapes and colors around me can inspire me, what I want to wear that moment, if I want to blend in or just want to stand out..

Style Icon: I Must say I admire Isabel Marant, I love her style even if I sometimes like more girlyness in my outfits. I love how she makes cool items, that always have her signature all over it. I not only admire her for that but I also think that you must be a pretty smart business woman to become where she is now..

Clothing:  dresses, skirts, blazers

Store:, I am kind of hooked on this website, they have all these great labels and when you order something beautiful, they send it nicely wrapped and in a beautiful package, what does a girl want more;)

Color: Greens, Blue’s and nudes are my favorite. I think they match the best with the color of my hair and eyes.

Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez for her.

Own Style: Depending on my mood, but mostly bit of both worlds and mixed up. Like a nice big wool vest, cool outstanding top, nice skinny pants and cool boots, or nice dresses that outlines the best of figure. And always feminine!

Make-up: Sensai from Kanebo as foundation, mascara from 38degrees from Sensai Kanebo, blush from Bobbi brown, blot powder, bronzing powder and all eye shadows from MAC. Don’t forget some good brushes (mostly from MAC). (go to, all the best brands for less! Love this site! 
Another tip of the day;  the ‘Clarisonic Mia Sonic’ system, the best brush system to clean your face, can not live without it!)

Fashion Understatement: That when you are a bit more volumized in size you must where black or….black. I admire bigger woman who dress to impress. Let’s be honest, it’s much easier putting on something black, than something more out of the ordinary. These girls have balls!

Bad Buy: haha more than one…two..tree… I say around three per year, most items are okay but not for my figure. I pass them on to my sisters or girlfriends.

Ultimate Styling Tip: Go to the MAC store(or an other great make-up brand) and get some professional advice on what make-up suits you best. Using the right color foundation, or eye shadow matching your eyes can make a big different. I think a beautiful face is half the total package. And about what clothing, just go for it and try different things and see what is most for you. Don’t get stuck in what other people are wearing or where you feel confortable in. Try to have some better quality stuff in your closet that you can mix and match with the cheaper stuff from Zara or H&M.

What a wonderful inspiring and energetic shoot we had!!
Thank you Willemijn for the homemade french pastry and the great cappuccino's.
I am looking forward to our new collaboration were we will communicate other creative thoughts :-)
Soon more about that on Anna's Choice......
Bisou Anna   


Anna's Closet

Anna Speller - 28 years old from Amsterdam
Singer, Actress & make-up artist

Designer/ Brands: French Connection, Agnes B, American Vintage

Inspiration: Paris

Style Icon: My fabulous stylish girlfriend Iris

Clothing: Camisole's,cardigan's and jeans  

Store: RAAK (Amsterdam) Jutka & Riska (Antwerp, Haarlem & Amsterdam)

Color: Blue, green and washed greys. All combined with black or jeans!

Own Style: Boyish Sexy

Make-up: A fresh make-up look, a natural nude look. And once in a while a dark and strong eyeliner with black eyeshadow and when I want to look and feel sexy I ad some fake lashes in the outer corner of my eye. It will give you a little Hollywood look & feel!

Fashion Understatement: Be honest to you and your body... really look at yourself in the mirror and dress your body.

Bad Buy: Never wore a very expensive white creme leather jacket... 

Ultimate Styling Tip: If you feel good, you shine! So take care of your inner and outer body :-)

Always great to see my work printed in a magazine. So check Fashionista Magazine nr 10.

Thank you Anna for your time and love. It is all in the name :-)
Bisou Anna


Nancy's Closet

Nancy Steeman 27 years old from Amsterdam
Fashion Stylist @ JAN Magazine & PARK Magazine 

Designer/ Brands: MiuMiu, PRADA, Gucci and because of a fantastic winter 2012/13 collection BALMAIN 

Inspiration: The streets, Movies, Books and L.O.V.E.
For my first editorial I was inspired by the book Water for magical

Style Icon: Patti Smith and  all the girls who work at JAN & PARK Magazine... They all look smashing!

Clothing: Pencil skirt and a fabulous basic T

Store: MiuMiu @ NYC, Topshop London, ZARA, ID @Haarlem and MOISE @Haarlem

Color: -

Fragrance: Escale a Parati by DIOR

Own Style: Edgy but always with a touch of girlyness 

Make-up: Foundation by Benefit via Saphora, and always nail polish (favorite is OPI)

Fashion Understatement: I hate practical clothing, or at least when you are not chillin on the couch or are at the gym. Please spice it up a little, you can play dress-up everyday!

Bad Buy: Thousands 

Ultimate Styling Tip: The term "mix and match" make me itch....but hey it is the ultimate styling tip. Just be creative, make sure it fits you, your body type and your character. Like I said before, SPICE IT UP!!!!  

This was one of the best saturday mornings I had in a long time. What an inspiration!
Nancy surrounds herself with only pretty things. 
Everywhere in her home, where ever you look is something beautiful to see. 
But not just to see and pass by, but really look at, admire, look again and get inspired. 
After a lot of teas, croissants, sunshine, fun and chatting, I drove back home fulfilled and with lots of ideas and energy. 
Thank you Nancy, looking forward to see more of your magic in JAN & PARK Magazine.

Bisou Anna


Pascal's Closet

Pascal Plomp, 38 years old from Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands
Human Resource officer, mother and life enjoyer 

Designer/ Brands: Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney (I also wanna look fly while playing tennis) and the polkadot line by Marc Jacobs

Inspiration: My girlfriends, streetstyle and magazines

Style Icon: Dutch singers Karin Bloemen & Berget Lewis wearing fabulous corsets

Clothing: Every day a dress with a matching bag

Store: Most of the time I shop online for example at 

Color: RED (with white dots :-)

Fragrance: Daisy - Marc Jacobs en Womanity - Thierry Mugler

Own Style: Stars, stripes, hearts, girly, colorful & cheerful 

Make-up: My mascara is by Lancome , love love everything by Biotherm and  Lancaster for my summer sun protection. And my eyeliner is a tattoo, so day and night in place :-)

Fashion Understatement: Crocs (ok maybe in the garden), Uggs (especially not made for the heavier man & woman) Birckenstocks.
I would love to say.....leggings, but I must say I wear them myself so.....:-) 

Bad Buy: I have a great deal of bad buys because I buy a lot online. One I am very sad about are my white sweddish hasbeens (seen in this post above). They look awesome, but hurt like hell on my feet. They are a size 39....wanna buy them? Send Anna an email and make me an over I cant refuse :-) 

Ultimate Styling Tip: Buy your size.... be honest! Never buy a size 38 if you are a 40 and visa versa of course. And another tip on my behalf; if you have heavy legs, do not wear heels/shoes with an ankle strap. Your legs will look shorter, heavier and your ankles will disappear.... So accentuate your benefits!

Thank you Pascal for your smile, energy, trust and great coffee.
Bisou Anna 

Helena & Isa's Closet

Helena (27 years) mother, model, traveler, dreamer, dancer, singer, snow-boarder and adventure seeker
Helena lives with her daughter Isa (6 years) in Utrecht

Designer/ Brands: Iris van Herpen

Inspiration: Traveling, people, music and feelings

Style Icon: My daughter Isa 

Clothing: Dresses

Store: Vintage stores all around the world, always seeking for that perfect princes/party dress

Color: Red

Fragrance: Elle by Armani and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne 

Own Style: Feminine with an edge

Make-up: Lash Curler by Shu Uemura, DIOR Show mascara, MAC creme blusher in color posey, RITUALS black eyeliner. And when going out I love to wear strong colored lipstick like the orangy-red color Lady Danger by MAC. 

Fashion Understatement: Everything so oversized and asymmetrical (think Dutch brand Cora Kemperman) That you look like a witch or a dryad...So not feminine, stylish or fashionable. That doesn't work for anybody. Leave it for Walt Disney films!   

Bad Buy:  I am an impulse buyer. So yes a few bad buys....example; Bought a dress (was already in doubt, in the dressing room) At home I thought it was to long, so I shortened it. And then it became a top. Even worse! And this is one of many, so I have to learn and listen to my gut feeling and when in doubt, 
DO NOT BUY!!!   

Ultimate Styling Tip: Dare to show your body * Dare to use your body (type) * Dare to play with clothing * Dare to use colors * Dare to combine colors *Dare to use prints *Dare to combine prints *Dare to look, be and feel like a woman * DARE TO BE YOU!

This was one of the most precious Closet shoots I had. Because Helena and Isa have created their own little world and they let me in that world. Showed me around, made me feel welcome, made me feel part of it, showed me everything special with love and attention.
They made me feel like a girl, a princes, an elf....

They made me dream a bit more in life!

Thank you girls, I would love to come back and play again some time.
Bisou Anna 


Mayra's Closet

Mayra Louise - 30 years from Amsterdam
Model & free lance Journalist
Follow Mayra on twitter here

Designer/ Brands: COS, Asos, Monki, River Island, Primark, H&M (trend line), American Apparel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Simone Pérèle (underwear).

Inspiration: I get inspired by what I see on the streets, my friends, magazines, movies… everything around me basically.

Style Icon: My friend Danielle van Grondelle. She is a true inspiration.

Clothing: At the moment dresses and skirts. And my jeans blouse from American Apparel, I wear it so often it’s like my uniform.

Store: I love Rumors Vintage in the Haarlemmerstraat. They sell the best leather jackets, amazing dresses and really cool jewellery. 
I would like Rumors to be my closet…

Color: I used to be the girl in black but the last months I’ve been wearing color almost every day. Today I really like my neon pink/orange-ish skirt but who knows what color will brighten my day tomorrow?

Fragrance: Beauty by Calvin Klein

Own Style: Feminine with an edge. I like to combine classic items like a pencil skirt or vintage dress with chunky jewellery and sneakers. On my lazy days I just wear leggings and an oversized jeans blouse. I don’t like to look too dressed up.

Make-up: When I have a modeling job I usually wear a lot of make-up. I like myself better without a ‘pancake’ on my face. My everyday look is just a bit of peachy blush from Chanel and a hint of Bobbi Brown’s shimmering brick, rosebud balm on my lips and curled eyelashes. And I like to wear nailpolish. For my curls I use Bumble&Bumble curl crème and Sebastian’s Molding Mud.

Fashion Understatement: Crocs. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Bad Buy:  Not one bad buy in the last couple of months. When in doubt I do not buy the garment but come back the next day to see if I like it just as much. My problem isn’t that I buy things that I don’t actually like, my problem is that I simply buy too much!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Do not follow trends but look at your body and wear what makes you feel good. And for the plus size ladies… straight size shopping galore! Don’t just look at the size on the label but dare to try on clothes that don’t come in your size. I’m a size 46/48 but actually have a lot of skirts, tops and dresses in a size 42. Love your curves and don’t be afraid to show them. And never forget to bring your smile!

I was so excited when Mayra said yes to my Closet question.
She is so F...... beautiful, I love her urban style and was very curious about her home and closet. 
Thank you Mayra for your hospitality, enthusiasm and see you soon on set :-)

Bisou Anna


Cécile's Closet

Cécile van Maasakkers - Marketing PR Manager @ Anna
31 years old from Amsterdam

Designer/ Brands: Gucci, Stella Mc Cartney, Victor & Rolf, Jan Taminiau & Oscar de la Renta

Inspiration: People, the streets, travelling, magazines, well lets say "life"!

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot & Kate Moss

Clothing: Dresses & Heels

Store: Boutiques in Barcelona & Milan, Camden market &Topshop in London, Raak, Smaak, Blau, 
Karen Millen, Jutka&Riska all based in Amsterdam

Color: Every vibrant color

Fragrance: By by Dolce & Gabanna (does not exist anymore) and REM by Reminiscence 

Own Style: I am a mood dresser... oh yes a mood dresser!! But always feminine and colorful.

And rather overdressed then underdressed. I like to make an entrance :-)

Make-up: Every mascara that exist I own and use. Every layer of mascara has a purpose and that depends on the brush. I also own to many lip-glosses...addict!!

Fashion Understatement: If you don't dress your body..... too big or too small,unfitted and unflattering

Bad Buy: I am such an impulse buyer and I can't choose colors. So I buy all colors of one pair of shoes for example. And then off course just wear one pair :-) But my badest buy is a dress by Iceberg, which I bought in Milan. 
It is way too fitted and tight. I love a guitar shaped body in a dress, but this one is a bit too much.
So the dress hangs in my closet for three years now. Never ever wore it and it still has its price tag :-(  

Ultimate Styling Tip: Know your body/body-type and what color complements your skin complexion.
Oh and of course "You are never fully dressed without a smile" 

I never ever have seen such a collection of shoes and dresses. 
Unfortunately I was not able to shoot this closet, like that you would have the same aaahhhh feeling.
You see Cécile standing in front off one of many closets she owns 
and oh my oh my.... shoes are stored everywhere.
Even in the kitchen cabinets, or in the hall way stored in the original boxes.
I showed you just a few of her favorites :-)  
It was a party to shoot Cécile's closet. The love for fashion and clothing is all around her
and it was great to see her being proud of her fabulous collection.
I mean she still owns a skirt bought in 1999 and she still wears it.

Thanks Cécile,maybe I will come back and shoot the rest of your closet :-)
Bisou Anna


Erica's Closet

Erica van Lanschot Hubrecht 
55 years old from Amsterdam - Stylist & PR advisor
Quote: Careless dressing is moral suicide 

Designer/ Brands: Miuccia Prada, Chloé, Alber Elbaz, John Galliano (even though his ridiculous words), Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford for saving Gucci   

Inspiration: Blend magazine, I-D magazine , (German) Vogue, Films/Movies, Photographs, the Berlin from Christopher Isherwood, Wallis Simpson, Scot & Zelda Fitzgerald and the wardrobe from the 3os

Style Icon: I do not have style Icons, only heros. Diana Vreeland is my hero. She was the style advisor for Jackie Kennedy.Mmmmm so if I have to choose an "icon" I would say Jackie Kennedy.
My second hero is Grace Coddington; what a pro, what a vision, what a woman!

Clothing: I am a "jacket" woman.I love beautiful feminine cuts, with a great tiny waist and pleats.
It is all about the silhouette! What does it look like? Is it beautiful, powerful and very important feminine enough?
In the 80s I wore a lot of Japanese designers like Kenzo, Issye Miyake, Comme des Garcons and Yohi Yamamoto.
But at one point it became (literately) to complicated for me, and I choose for a more subtle and softer silhouette, but the love for black always stayed. I invest in classical pieces. Timeless basics with beautiful details but always with a little twist to it. My accessories are the icing on the cake! 

Store: Kiki Niesten, Het Modepaleis van Dries van Noten, Van Ravenstein &

Color: Black, black, black and in summer white and all non-colors like off white, soft grays etc...

Fragrance: Organza by Givenchy & Mitsouko by Guerlin, both mysterious and sensuous scents, but not to heavy to wear during the day and night

Make-up: Dior, Chanel,  Shiseido and I never leave my house without wearing my all time favorite red matt lipstick "Gruella" by NARS. For my nails I use Rouge Noir by Chanel and for the cuticles Creme Apricot by Dior

Own Style: Elegant, feminine and Classic, but always with a fun twist.

Fashion Understatement: Birckenstocks, Crocs, Uggs, leggings, backpacks, fleece sweaters and shorts must be massively burnt !

Bad Buy: Lots off times I buy the wrong heels. To high! But still... I display them and watch for hours!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Start with the basics! Wear good (maybe even correcting your shape) underwear.
Always invest in the best quality YOU can afford to buy . Apply this new slogan on everything in your live.
And last but not least; keep it simple and make a statement with a beautiful well chosen accessories 

Oh my Oh my... isn't this a beautiful woman with a beautiful closet.
Oh and how good can you look at 55?? Wow!!
I am very proud to share this with you and so was Erica.
With grace, enthusiasm and passion for every piece, she showed me all.
I hope you enjoyed watching this Closet post as much as we while shooting it.

Thank you again Erica
Bisou Anna


Maartje's Closet

Maartje Bodt - 29 years old from Amsterdam
Fashion stylist and webshop owner @ THREE
Follow Maartje via Twitter here

Designer/ Brands: Alaia , Marc Jacobs, Celine & Christopher Bailey

Inspiration: Travelling, fashionshows, music video's and movies. 
Magazines like (teen) Vogue, Walpaper, Nylon and websites like,
and the fantastic 

Style Icon:  ?

Clothing: Dresses, Jumpsuits, brogues, big knitted jumpers and scarves from my own brand

Store: RIKA, Laura Dolls, Noordermarkt, River Island, COS and SKY all in Amsterdam.
and in Hong Kong I love Muij for basics and Vickie (make your own shoes by your own design... cool!!!)

Color:  Black, grey, white, dark/navy blue, mauve, gold & ocher

Fragrance: For Her by Narsisco Rodriguez & Burberry Body. For a home fragrance I use Loveless by Byredo (via Skins Cosmetics) and Ginger Flower by Shanghai Tang

Make-up: Day creme by Embryolisse and for my hair the fab surf spay from Bumble & Bumble.  Brown eyeliner by MAC, mascara and lipgloss both from Lancome and foundation Diorskin Nude. 
I love a good blush so in the summer I use Copacabana blush stick by NARS and in winter time a bronzer from Collistar

Own Style: Feminine, Simple prints like stars, animal print or polkadot. A mix of vintage, highstreet and mu own design 

Fashion Understatement: Crocs and muffintops.... But you know the worst thing is seeing people wearing trends, because their trends and it does not even suit their body-type, owns style, age or skin complexion. 
Bad thing!!!! 

Bad Buy: Buying online and not sending back. I have a bag full.... like heels that are to high.
You know Anna's Chloé heels?? They used to be mine :-) 

Ultimate Styling Tip: Get out of your comfort zone ones in a while and try something new. It is nice to have a wardrobe in which you can varied. Off course you check first that the look compliments you and your body.
Clothing is there to make you look and feel prettier. 

 Again a gorgeous closet I could shoot this week.
The pretty and oh so sweet Maartje is a delight to be around.
You know those girls you always want to be friends with?
She and her house looked so balanced, well organized, calm and relaxing.
I wanted to have every piece in her closet and she was so enthusiastic about this project.
We turned her house upside down and she came with even more ideas.
Thank Thank Thank you Maartje.


Iraida's Closet

Iraida Ibragimova 25 years old from Amsterdam
Freelance stylist & Fashion Reporter
Check out her work here

Designer/ Brands: Bas Kosters, Lariza Katz, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood

Inspiration: London streetstyle, everybody there looks so cool. Really has their own sense of style 

Clothing:Dresses & Shoes

Style Icon: Aynouk Tan, Ans Markus & Vivienne Westwood

Store: Primark & Topshop

Color: Dark red & black

Fragrance: Hypnotic Poison by DIOR 

Make-up: Always red lips and eyeliner of any brand

Own Style: Rock, chic, funky, hippie, classic and sexy!

Fashion Understatement: expensive clothes

Bad Buy: A Gucci bag, it is way to heavy for my fragile arms :-) 

Ultimate Styling Tip: Dress your shape! Add some colour into your life. High heels for sexy long legs , dresses for a femine feeling and add some accesoires to pimp your outfit!

I know the pretty Iraida from a long time ago when we worked on a shoot together.
She as a model and I did her hair and make-up. I love her interesting and pretty face.
This is what we shot at the time with the photographers duo Fahd & Semuel.

Anyways, I loved shooting her closet, meeting her again, see and feel her love for fashion.
Thanks Iraida.

Bisou Anna


Simone's Closet

Simone Velthuis - 25 years old from Amsterdam
Student Organic Chemistry 

Designer/ Brands: Samsoe Samsoe, ACNE, Opening Ceremony, Filippa K and BZR

Inspiration: The Streets and streetfashion-blogs like The Facehunter

Style Icon: Alexa Chung 

Clothing: Pants, Pantalon, JEANS

Store: Trade Studio @ Haarlem, Clinic @ Antwerp

Color: White

Fragrance: The Rose by Paul Smith

Make-up: All Chanel

Own Style: Clean, relaxed, casual with a preppy feel to it.

Fashion Understatement: The average Dutch woman has this practical look. Always, Why???
You know the type with the leggings over a skirt, 3/4 pants, uggs, too tight clothing... I mean WHY???

Bad Buy: I always try to buy heels. Every time I do, I never wear them and give them away to my friends.
I have one pair left, which are technically not heels. A pair of heeled dessert boots, so called wedges.
Aghum....... :-)

Ultimate Styling Tip: Invest in basics and do not make it complicated for yourself. Look at you body, be honest, do not follow trends, but dress your body. Like the Parisienne do, fitted top, wide bottom. Fitted bottom, wide top!
You can't go wrong with that!

And again this week, I met an inspiring woman.
Such a pretty intelligent girl, who is always surrounded by men.
You do not meet a lot of girls when you study organic chemistry and stand in a lab all day.
So she loves to wear great clean cut clothes and look sexy without heels. 
I think that is an achievement already :-)
(not that you always have to wear heels to look sexy, for the critic among us)

Thank you Simone for welcoming me in your student room/home
and share your Closet with me/ us!

Bisou Anna

Absolutely Mrs K's Closet

Kim Deboes
Blogger @ Absolutely Mrs K 

Designer/ Brands: Marc Jacobs

Inspiration: From clothing stores & beautiques

Style Icon: none ok ok ok Marc Jacobs 

Clothing: The perfect jeans

Store: ICON @ Brusselles and Marc Jacobs @ Bleeckerstreet in NYC

Color: Orange

Fragrance: none

Make-up: Lipsticks all MAC and addicted to Bobbi Browns concealer

Own Style: Eclectic!

Fashion Understatement: The so called Russian Style.... all  expensive labels/brands mixed around and together, so it becomes cheap and trashy. Over the top! It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it!

Bad Buy: My Louboutins (the ones in the picture hanging on to the chandelier) Because they are 12 cm high heeled, my feet are slipping down and so my heels are slipping out. They become too big...grrrr.... Now I have a new challenge, how to style these babies so I can wear them!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Always dress yourself to your body type... ALWAYS!!!

OOOOOOOoooooooo I am so happy with this Closet post.
I was able to take a ride (of 6 hours) to Belgium this past sunday, 

 photograph my favorite blogger Absolutely MrsK, peak into her Closet and this is the result.
She has some beautiful pieces in her Closet and I am charmed by her passion for fashion.

Thank you Kim for your hospitality, little brunch, fun and enthusiasm.
Let's meet again!

Bisou Anna
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


Judith's Closet

Judith de Ruiter - Senior Beauty Editor

Designer/ Brands: Céline & Chloé

Inspiration: REDuk magazine, Harpers Bazaar, stores like & 

Style Icon:  Olivia Palermo

Clothing: Pants/Trousers/Pantalon

Store: COS, ZARA, French Connection, American Vintage & J.Crew

Color: All nature colors, like moss-greens, olive-greens, nudes, browns and indigo blue/ blue ink

Fragrance: Diptyque nr34 & Diptyque EAU Particuliere

Make-up: All Chanel , REN clean bio active skincare & Maroccan oil for my curls

Own Style: Minimalistic, clean cut, great shapes and fabrics. Always accessories and a smile :-) 

Fashion Understatement: A tregging (who designed that and why?) and jeans cut into shorts and then styled with tights. Why tights??? Just wear them in the summer please

Bad Buy: Marni bag (see picture) 
If you want it you can send an email @ and the highest bid will get this bad buy! No Joke!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in and do not follow every trend. Look what fits you, your body, lifestyle and age. It does't all have to be expensive. And smile, every day all day!
A smile makes your outfit believable and fun. 

Thanks Judith for this inspirational post.
I am very inspired by you and your love for prettiness.
Surround yourself with beautiful things, some fresh flowers
love, a smile and a girl shines. 

Merci et gros bisou, Anna
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


Karin's Closet

Writer and mother of two 
Follow Karin on Twitter & order her latest book Het Gym here

Designer/ Brands: Preen, CHANEL, Jimmy Choo, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham


Style Icon: Kate Moss (off course...she rocks every outfit, jeans with jackets or a dress that nobody would pick. She wears it all and sets trends)

Clothing: Leather biker jackets

Store: ,Saks fifth Avenue @ NYC - it is too bad you can't sleep there 
Centre Neuf @ Amsterdam

Color: BLACK

Fragrance: Allure,Chance, Coco Mademoiselle (daytime) & Nr5 (nighttime) all CHANEL

Make-up: Skincare everything by Shiseido, lipstick, lipgloss, eyepencil and eyeshadow 
all CHANEL, but the best mascara is by Max Factor

Own Style: Street meets feminine or visa versa!

Fashion Understatement: Everything three-quarter, like pants, leggings and dresses or skirts. It does not flatter you at all! Oh and those King Louis dresses with 3/4 leggings combined with booties. WHY???? This is so typical Dutch.

Bad Buy: A lot, too much...pfff for instant a fabulous wool cape by Chloé. Wore it twice. It looks great on the hanger and on somebody else but not on me. Ebay here I come!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Find your balance between high-street and designer, but also with material and volumes. Never two times slim and tight or two times big and wide.
Top and bottom needs to be in balance. Oh and a logo is a no go! 

My heart made a little jump, when I found out that I could photograph
Karin Amatmoekrim's Closet. Because she is my favorite dutch writer and then to discover
her love and passion for fashion made me even love her more.
Filled with energy she showed me proudly her great collection of shoes,
 dresses and bags. So much fun playing dress up with the tutudress by Max Azria, 
that she never wore before. Again a inspirational woman who works hard
writing books, being a mother of two and looks great on Louboutins.
You can reed more about her on
Buy her new book Het Gym here
Grantangi Karin
Bisou Anna


Karen's Closet

Karen Staal
Owner of clothing store the Trade Studio @ Haarlem

Designer/ Brands: BZR, Filipa K, Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant, Chloé & Elie Saab

Inspiration: Magazines like; JAN, Marie-Claire, RED, ELLE, Vogue it, Vogue fr, New Style Magazine
and a lot of internet, just surf and find great blogs. 

Style Icon: At the moment Alexa Chung and always and forever Audrey Hepburn, old movies from the 60s and 70s
And the collection images, albums and pictures by the Doors and the Rolling Stones from the old days by my dad.

Clothing: Leather pants & Black blazer

Store: The Trade Studio (I sell brands like BZR, Drykorn, Darling, Modstrom, S'Nob and much more)

Color: Naturel/Grey for clothing and white for my house

Fragrance: Allure - Chanel, Chloé, 212 - Carolina Herrara

Make-up: Mascara by Chanel or Clinique, OPI nailpolish, YZL Touche Eclat, RITUALS powder, lipgloss by Max Factor, RITUALS hand-cream the "Sweet Orange & Japanese Mint", make-up remover by my favorite dutch store HEMA

Own Style: Clean with a great cut and fit. A bit Scandinavian?

Fashion Understatement: Uggs, but even worse FAKE Uggs. And the good old white leggings.

Bad Buy: None

Ultimate Styling Tip: Invest in a beautiful tailored black blazer. Like the ones we sell by Drykorn.
It fits in every wardrobe. Wear it on a dress or on a jeans, you will look sophisticated but never business like.

It was fun and for me a real surprise to shoot Karens' Closet because we've never met.

I must say she is an inspiration to us (young) woman.
                                      She is only 22 years old and already a store owner. 
Dream, get excited, work hard (real hard), stay motivated, smile and then you will live your dream.
It was great meeting Karen, again a validation on how great it is to work on this blog/closet.
Thank you Karen, you made my day!

If you also want to share your closet with me, please email me 

Bisou Anna

Jasmine's Closet

Jasmine Sendar
Actress, singer, host, column writer and mom 
Follow jasmine with Twitter JazzyJazzSendar 

Designer/ Brands: Iron Fist, Pinko, Daryll van Wouw, Rosemunde

Inspiration: Magazines, People in the streets, New York and the Carribean.

Style Icon: I love the style of Jada Pinkett. She's feminine and a bit boyish. And how Beyonce dresses on stage.

Clothing: Blazers, jeans, dresses, crazy t-shirts, sneakers, high heels and boots. I cant choose one favorite!

Store: Supertrash9 straatjes@Amsterdam, ZARA, H&M

Color: Black, grey, bright colors, everything but nude colors

Fragrance: Boudoir-Vivienne Westwood, Sun-Jill Sander, Zwitsal perfume (typical dutch brand for babies, like Nenuco from Spain :-) and cocos perfume by Sephore

Make-up: Mac powder, Iman foundationstick, Make up forever concealer, Lipglossfreak

Own Style: Every day is different! From boyish to super girly!!

Fashion Understatement: Jeans that shows your butt-crack!

Bad Buy: ...will be given to my sweet cousins :-) Which happens more than I would like.

Ultimate Styling Tip: If your clothes bore you, try to do a swamp-party with your girlfriends. You give your clothes a new life and you look good.

I would like to thank Jasmine for her energy and enthusiasm. 
We had a great time shooting.
Jasmine has a fantastic personality, vibrant, positif and energetic 
just like her clothes/looks and closet radiate.

Bisou Anna


Froukje's Closet

Froukje de Both
TV host, Radio DJ, Writer and Mother
Follow Froukje on Twitter

Designer/ Brands: Isabel Marant, Acne, Mads Norgaard, Patrizia Pepe, Day, Malene Birger and last but not least Zadig and Voltaire

Inspiration: Fashion Blogs like: Fashiontoast, Sincerely Jules, Anna's Choice, Vanessa Jackman, the Glamourai.
Also: my daughter Emma , people in the street, traveling to foreign countries like Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia.

Style Icon: I love the effortless and bold style of Julie Sarinana (Sincerely Jules) 
combined with the timeless femininity of Audrey Hepburn

Clothing: Blazers, simple tops, beautiful thin necklaces, jeans and boots.

Store: Raak @ Amsterdam,, SPRMRKT@Amsterdam, 9 straatjes@Amsterdam and off course ZARA. 

Color: Black, grey, cream white, tan and nude colors.

Fragrance: Flower bomb by Victor&Rolf, Caleche by Hermes.

Make-up: Foundation by Chanel (Teint innocente),  mascara by Helena Rubinstein, i use dark brown eyeshadow by MAC as eyeliner and MAC blusher (pleasureful). When i'm in the mood i put on my Chanel lipstick (coco shine Monaco).

Own Style: Shabby chic, feminine with an edge.

Fashion Understatement: Hotpants and skirts that are too short. Wide+wide, tight+tight are no-no's for me: always wide on top+tight bottoms or tight top+wide bottoms 

Bad Buy: I have bad buys alle the time when i buy stuff on the internet. I'm too lazy to send it back and so it just sits in my closet, waiting for the next clean up.

Ultimate Styling Tip: Don't underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans. The perfect jeans combined with a powerful blazer and killer heels makes you feel on top of the world!

I am very honored that Froukje let me in her house and "Closet"
She never did that before, not for any fashion magazine or glossy.
And that makes this post extra special.

Thank you Froukje for your enthusiasm, energy, cooperation and cappuccinos :-) 

Bisou Anna


Laurien's Closet

Laurien Bleeker
Freelance fashion & beauty editor and blogger @ CocoCashmere

Designer Scandinavian design like ACNE, Designer Remix Collection, second Female, Just Female and CHANEL off course. 

Inspiration: Bloggers like Victoria Torngren, internet, magazines and the streets (like Tokio streetstyle)

Style Icon: Victoria Torngren, Olsen Twins and Emma Watson

Clothing: Booties, vests, blazers and everything high waisted like jeans, pants or skirts.

Store:  ACNE store, The Darling and Lou Lou all in the 9 streets in Amsterdam

Color: Black, nude and off colors

Fragrance: Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture, Flower Bomb by V&R, Change by Chanel

Make-up: Volume Express Mascara by Maybeline, primer & foundation by MAC, 
lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet color nr 37 L'Exubérante, nailpolish by OPI, KOH Chanle or KIKO Milano 

Own Style: Feminine, minimalistic, sophisticated and lots of black!

Fashion Understatement: White bottoms, white leggings, white boots etc everything white.

Bad BuyNone

Ultimate Styling Tip: Accessoires!!! Complete your look. Make it your own and dare to be yourself. Dare to dress how you want, every time, everywhere at any event!

Laurien and I had fun shooting this "Closet" we ended the shoot with the interview and she offered me some home made sweets........ Chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies... Jummie!!
Easy to make and even more important very very easy to eat :-)

Melt chocolate, when soft crumble the chocolate chip cookies and the marshmallows
Mix and then put in the fridge. Et voila, bon appetit!

Bisou Anna
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


Jasmijn's Closet

Jasmijn Engering 
Fashion Stylist from Amsterdam

Designer Prada, Marni, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen

Inspiration: Film, TV, Magazines (my favorite are Lula and Nylon), blogs

Style Icon: Mary Kate Olsen, Audrey Hepburn

Clothing: High waisted pants and high heels

Store:  H&M

Color: Soft pinks and minty soft washed greens. Like the 70s colors!

Fragrance: Flower by KENZO & Will you marry me by LANVIN

Make-up: All MAC * Mascara - Haute & Naughty Lash, Blush - beauty powder in color "Oh so Fair"
Pigment - Gold Mode. An Bourjois eyeliner and off course every nail polish by O.P.I. 

Own Style: Feminine with a 70s feel to it. And always with some color. You will never see me wearing just black!

Fashion Understatement: White leggings!!!!! Leggings are not pants, trousers or jeans. They are underwear.
Something like tights! So please stop showing your bum :-)  

Bad BuyNone

Ultimate Styling Tip: Always stay true to yourself, so always wear what you like. If you wear it with confidence, people will believe what you are wearing is real, honest and you! Ohhhh and never leave the house without mascara.  

Thanks for visiting Anna's Closet again.
Hope you are as much inspired as I am with this fab colorful closet.
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk

Bisou Anna


Lotte's Closet

Photographer from Amsterdam

Designer Acne, Wood, Ganni, Lee, Suit, Sessun, Mads Norgaard, Minimum

Inspiration: Photography, Museum, Magazines like ; Lula, Glamcult, Celeste, Purple magazine, GUP,, Dazed&Confused, dansk, Indie, Blend, I-D, V Magazine, Joy, ME mag., Metal magazine etcetcetc............
Danish and Italian movies, my friends, people I meet while freelancing as a photographer, and off course Kate Moss

Style Icon: Kate Moss

Clothing: Vintage dresses, leather coats, shoes and hats

Store:  Magda @ Eindhoven The Netherlands, SPRMRKT @ Amsterdam The Netherlands Laura Dolls @Amsterdam The Netherlands, Zara @ Barcelona and H&M worldwide

Color: Black, dark/olive green, cream white and once in a while a crazy printed little dress

Fragrance: The One by Dolce & Cabana, Cherie by Miss Dior and Gucci by Gucci

Make-up: Lots of mascara by Mabelline, power blush by MAC and at night I intensify my look by adding black eyeliner and eyepencil by what ever brand I have in my make-up bag. 

Own Style: I have a girly eclectic elegant and boho style but with a little edge to it.

Fashion Understatement: Leggings with a cropped top (a look I saw everywhere a while ago in Madrid Spain)Pants with pockets on the side, they make you look smaller, Neoncolored clothes and Birkenstocks (so not flatering)

Bad BuyA Vintage dress, that did not fit. I had it customized, but still did not fit right. I never ever wore it again and then I sold it for a nickel and a dime at a vintage market. Grrr...

Ultimate Styling Tip: A great tip by my dad; "Always invest in good footwear" You need to take care of your feet and posture for life.

Thanks again for visiting Anna's Choice,
i hope you like this Closet as much as Lotte and I had fun shooting it.

Let me know on the Anna's Choice Facebook page about your style,
so I can come over and we can make a post about you and your closet.

Bisou Anna


Linda's Closet

Linda Botter - CEO @ Maison PR  
 Louboutin heels and beauty product addict.

DesignerCoco Chanel herself and upcoming Dutch designer Sarena Huizinga (knitted designs, unbelievable beautiful, very Chanel like)

Inspiratie: Magazines, celebrities and surroundings/nature

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot & Jackie O

Clothing: Heels Heels Heels and dresses of course to pair them with the heels

Store: Karen Millen (especcially in Londen), Christian Louboutin, the ‘oldest’ store in Paris, at the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau (this is bad.. I even know the adress by heart). Zara in Barcelona at the Plaza de Cataluña. In Amerca I love Sephora. I’m fond of beauty and they have a lot of unknown brands there that we don’t.

Color: Mint green (old vintage green), always has been, since I was a little child.

Fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia of Estée Lauder (you should all really try these two), pureDKNY and Allure Sensuelle of Chanel.

Make-up: On my eyes, every single day ‘paint’ - MAC, with a layer of eyeshadow from Estee Lauder. Mascara Sumptuous extreme by Estée Lauder. Double Wear foundation by Estée Lauder, Guerlain brow pencil, MAC or Chanel lipstick. 

Own Style: Modern interpretation of the fifties/sixties, elegant with a Dutch touch (Sorry folks, but Ihave to cycle every day ;-)), always high heels and preferably dressed up - in a dress!

Fashion Understatement: To small clothing, greasy hair, bagpacks (when you’re not on a journey), big pulls/sweaters (the worst are made of fleece) and hiking pants, you know the ones with zippers, so you can make them shorter? brrrrrrrr.... oh and hike schoes for ladies.

Bad Buy: A pair of pricy Michael Kors boots from L.A. who are not fitting very well. My friend also bought them and has the same problem, so this is a double bad buy. But they are gorgeous in my closet.

Ultimate Styling Tip: Always invest in shoes and bags. How much weight you will gain or lose, they will always fit and will be your BFF (best friend forever)!

Thank you for visiting Anna's Choice today.
I hope you like Linda's Closet as much as I had fun shooting and editing it.
Thank you Linda!

Follow on FacebookTwitter or Bloglovin and don't mis a post!

Bisou Anna


Melody's Closet

Melody Lieftink - Student

Designer: Victor & Rolf, DIOR, Marc Cain, Michael Kors and Balmain

Inspiration: Magazines, Bloggers, Shops and the streets

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Clothing: Jacket

Store: TD The Darlin@ Amsterdam , Topshop@ London, River Island @ London, 
Urban Outfitters @ Antwerp and every H&M and ZARA in the world 

Color: Petrol blue

Fragrance: Miss Dior Cherie

Make-up: Eyeliner by Essence, MaxFactor Mascara False lash effect, 
Foundation Maybeline NY Superstay, Lipstick by Estée Lauder Signature color Apricot Sun

Own Style: Young, Hip and Trendy
Basics with a little chic touch. And always trying to give my outfit a personal feel. Love DIY
(do it yourself) projects. Like the boots with my own feather detail. 

Fashion Understatement: To small clothing!

Bad Buy: An impulse buy at River Island. Caught swept away by the shoulder details.
Had to have the dress, but it has a terrible fit. Never wore it!

Ultimate Styling-tip: If you have one ultimate tailored jacket, with some solid booties.
You are never out of fashion, under or over dressed. And you can always make an entry!

Thanks for visiting Anna's Choice, with Melody's Closet today.
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and don't mis your daily posts.

Bisou Anna


Maria's Closet

Maria Hooykaas
Creative Artist, Mother and Grandmother of 4

Designer: Maison Martin Margiela, Commes des Garcon & Yohji Yamamoto

Inspiration: Magazines and my own instinct/ feelings

Style Icon: None

Clothing: Suspenders

Store: Dover Street Market @ London

Color: RED

Fragrance: Amber by PRADA & 888 by Commes des Garcon

Make-up: Matt red lipstick by MAC- Russian Red, Foundation by La Prairie, 
Black eye-pencil by HEMA

Own Style: Feminine, a bit minimalistic with a twist. Always a little joke somewhere in the outfit.
Like a bold neckless or a bright colored belt on a complete black outfit. I think I just have a good eye for combining "whatever". It's just like Photography, painting or sculpting. 
And I find it nice to think about it and to really look at things. 

Fashion Understatement: White leggings

Bad Buy: Shoes, I always buy high heels, but I just can't walk on them. My daughters are always very pleased with my bad buys and this time you (Anna;-) can parade with some Ann Demeulemeester and See by Chloé high heeled boots.

Ultimate Styling-tip: I always try to make everything look pretty and special around me. 
Just try to look your best everyday. Clean, fresh and with a smile. It will give you energy, makes you happy and also the people around you. Not only with your body, but also with your interior and the way you present your food on a plate makes a difference. Just pay more attention and do it with love.

I am very proud about this post, because Maria thought that she might be to old to 
be on Anna's Choice/ Anna's Closet. I had to convince her a bit, that
age has nothing to do with a great sense of style, which she obviously has.

When you think your "Closet" should be shown on Anna's Closet,
like me on facebook and tell me why and I will be on my way with my camera.

See you @ the next Closet, maybe its your own!
Bisou Anna


Sjardé's Closet

Sjardé Kirioma Make-up Artist @ MAC Cosmetics
& visual merchandiser soon online

Designer: Everything Scandinavian like, Malene Birger & Brunns Bazar

Inspiration: Fashion Blogs like Anna's Choice & Karla's Closet, French Vogue
and the tv hit series Mad Men

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn & Twiggy 

Clothing: Dress & Jacket

Store: ID @ Haarlem, Shoe store Graas @ Wormerveer, Lost & Found @ Tokyo Japan

Color: Pink

Fragrance: Chanel Mademoiselle

Make-up: Bootblack eyeliner by MAC, Russian Red lipstick by MAC, Pinkswoon blush by MAC
Eyebrow pencil by Shu Uemura

Own Style: Feminine, great fit, special details, a lot of black (but with one color detail, like a fuchsia jacket) and I always wear nail polish

Fashion Understatement: 7/8 pants (who are now actually very trendy) and text on clothes.

Bad Buy: My black Dolce & Gabanna slingback medium heels. Not my style, I bought them in a impulsive shopping spree. They are now in possession of Anna. Thanks Sjardé :-)

Ultimate Styling-tip: Finish your outfit with an eye catcher, like a huge ring, a scarf or a great bag. Personalize your look!

Thanks for watching and see you soon 
with a new peek in an inspiring closet .

Bisou Anna


Anouk's Closet

Anouk Houtappel, Fashion Stylist and life lover!

Designer: Isabel Marant, I wear that since i am 21 years old.

Inspiration: Travelling, Chanel, Balmain and my work

Style Icon: Kate Moss

Clothing:Heels, YSL for design and Sergio Rossi for quality and fit

Store: Buise @ Amsterdam, Isabel Marant @ Paris, Joseph @ Paris, Paul & Joe @ Paris
and the meat package district @ NY

Color: Emerald green

Fragrance: Reminiscence

Make-up: Mascara by Chanel, Moisturizer  "Daywear"  by Estée Lauder, Lip care by Clinique
and always nail polish from O.P.I. 

Own Style: Classic & changeable. I dress how I feel, but always n'sync with color and style.
Never highstreet just brand labels, with beautiful details and flowy fabrics. 

Fashion Understatement: Skin colored tights, so NOT done! 

Bad Buy: A green (almost emerald) tunic, with lovely shoulder details.
It is stil very pretty, but I never wear it. It is not my style.

Ultimate Styling-tip:  Never look at the label, but look in the mirror. Does it fit your body,
your skin complexion and your own style? When you want to follow a fashion trend, check what will fit YOU. If its ROCK, maybe a leather jacket suits you better than leather pants. Or visa versa! Be honest to yourself and you will look your best!!!!

Be inspired by Anouk and check your closet for new combinations.
And throw away those skin colored tights, please!

See you at the next Closet, with Maria.
She is an artist, mother and grandmother.
Ciao, Bisou Anna


Geraldine's Closet

FAV'S by Geraldine Caraballo  
Fashion Stylist, inside meets outside coach & mother

Designer: Spijkers & Spijkers, Chloé, Miu Miu (shoes) , Marc Jacobs (shoes & bags)
Vanessa Bruno

Inspiration: All social media/ internet/ vimeo, Humanity, Vivian Westwood - she is ageless
And last but not least the Italian Vogue

Style Icon: Lauren Hutton, Sophia Loren, Jacky O, Coco Chanel & Isabel Marant

Clothing: Dresses, Dresses & Dresses

Store: Coming Soon @ Arnhem, Humanoid @ Arnhem, Cos @ The Hague, Isabel Marant - Paris
Net - a - Porter @ Internet, LuisaviaRoma @ Internet

Color: Faded ashed & iced & powdery colors

Fragrance: Body Creme Mademoiselle by Chanel & Deodorant by Narsico Rodriguez

Make-up: Foundation Pro Lumiere by Chanel, Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent, 
Nailpolish by FACE Stockholm

Own Style: Minimalistic Feminine 

Fashion Understatement: Visible Logo's, like LV bags, the Burberry plaid or a D&G t-shirt.

Bad Buy: An ACNE dress in a yellowish color and text, it doesn't fit my skin color at all
It drains all life out of my face, figure and emotion.

Ultimate Styling-tip:  Dare to show yourself , show what you got! 
With clothing you can pronounce allyour good features and disguise all the bad. 
But your inside has to match with your outside. Not a "costume" but you is what you want to see.
Shopping tips: A - Know what you need
                        B - Be aware of your budget 
                        C - Look for an outfit that suits you not what only fits your body.
                        D - Choose a color that makes your eyes sparkle
                        E - Buy designer basics during sale

Thanks for visiting again
See you at the next Closet
Bisou Anna


Carrie's Magic Closet!

So not really a Anna's Closet post, but a little bit.
SJP as Carrie rocks the streets of NY.
Even though it is all very outdated, I still love every outfit.
Color, textures, mixed and matched, designer with highstreet
but lets not forget all the shoes.........

Bisou Anna


Maartje's own boutique...

FAV's by Maartje van den Broek - Stylist & TV Host

Designer: Prada, Marni, Chloé & Stella MCCartney

Inspiration: Photographer Chris Craymer, , French Vogue, 
                     Dazed & Confused Magazine 

Style Icon : Chloé Sevigny, Kate Moss, Olsen Twins, Rachel Zoë,

Clothing: Accessories like heels, hats, rings, belts and always BIG Bold and Beautiful

Store: Jutka & Riska @ Amsterdam, Malene Birger @ Copenhagen, Kiliwatch @ Paris,
 JCrew @ Miami, Merci - Merci @ Paris and Corso Como @ Milan

Color: Earth tones - Fall brown, Ocean blue, Dessert red etc....

Fragrance:  Flora by Gucci, Ultra Violet by Paco Rabanne, Alure by Chanel & Boss Orange

Make-up: Mascara Clinique high impact curling mascara mixed with Lancome Hypnose
You get real drama eyes and gets best of both worlds. 
Definitely a nail polish freak, every week or day a different color. With O.P.I. you can do that, from "Ski teal we Drop" until "Pink Petals".

Own Style: Love to mix up styles, feminine, eclectic, boho, chic and daring.
Like a miniskirt with heels combined with a boyfriend jacket and big accessories.

Understatement: UGGhhhhhhhhhhhs!

Bad Buy: A black leather dress by Vila €130,- It crawls up, feels stiff, no shape. 

Ultimate Styling-tip: Dare to have your own style. Even if that means, that you (sometimes) look terrible. At least you tried, you made a statement and it shows you have an identity.  
Express who you are with your wardrobe.

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
See you next time on Anna's Closet
Bisou Anna


Cinderela Marielle

FAV's by Marielle Constancia  - Dancer, Choreographer, 
Dutch champion exhibition/lifting

Designer: Everything that is Vintage

Inspiration: Music & streetstyle

Style Icon: Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B.  & Hollywood's 50s Pin Ups !!

Clothing: Dresses & heels

Store: Vintage Jiska&Rutka @Amsterdam, River Island @ London, 
             Je t'aime @ Amsterdam ,Vintage Laura Dols @ Amsterdam

Color: Bright sparkling colors

Fragrance: White Musk - Bodyshop , Jaipur - Chopard

Make-up: Foundation - Studio Fix by MAC, Concealer - Studio Finish by MAC, 
Lipgloss - Viva glam6 + Pink poodel by MAC, Lipstick - Viva glam1 by MAC

Own Style: Funky, Feminine, Casual, Edgy and Jummy!! 

Understatement: Asymmetrical dresses

Bad Buy: A little shiny purple dress, to much Paris Hilton!!!

Ultimate Styling-tip: Combine your outfit with something ugly. Like the colors purple and red.  Or a really sophisticated pretty dress with a tacky big golden belt. 
Conservative meets trashy!!! Your outfit will look playful and characteristic!!

See you at the next "Closet"
(wanna show your closet? email me at
Bisou Anna


The first of many Anna's Closet !!!

Welcome @ the first Anna's Closet
Off course I have to kick off with my own closet.
Hope you like it and get inspired to look @ your own closet, with a fresh look.
What is your style? your favorite cloting piece, store? etc..
This is the list of my FAV's!

FAV's by Judith Anna Pronk - Hair & make-up artist, blogger and mother

Designer: Stella McCartney, Marni, Chloé, Malene Birger and FilipaK 

Inspiration: Fashion Blogs & Magazines

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn & (blogger)

Clothing: Dresses, Heels & Scarfs

Store: Vintage Jiska&Rutka @Amsterdam, ZARA @Barcelona, Sky @Amsterdam, JCrew@NY


Make-up: Blush - Orgasm by NARS,  Lipstick - Rouge Coco Mademoisele nr 05 by Chanel, 
                  Nails - OPI red by OPI,  Mascara - Sumptuous by Estée Lauder

Own Style: Feminine, classic, fun, colorful, a bit mitch-matching and sometimes edgy

Understatement: Uggs, leggings

Bad Buy: Bought wonderful handmade & hand painted silk heels on a girlfriend trip in Barcelona, 6 years ago. I never ever wore them. Don't know why??? I just can't find the right outfit with it.

Ultimate Styling-tip: When in doubt, buy a size to big. Always more flattering and it will make you look thinner (if that's your goal). Invest in bags & shoes! And a great belt or scarf will pimp up your old outfit. Think in Classics never in trends, follow your own trend, body-shape, image and feeling of the day!

Let me know if you have more questions for this Q&A bit of Anna's Closet.

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