Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy Days report!

Happy people at Happy Days at Trade Studio
Hope to see you there next time! 

I left with fabulous pants by Grauman, a Bruuns Bazar top and a pretty neckless by Trois Petits Pionts
An outfit post will follow soon :-)
And then there was this felt like christmas already.

Merci Karen & Simone for a super sunday.
Bisou Anna

Friday, 26 October 2012

Battle of the models

Every time Maartje and I meet (private or work), we wear an outfit that has the same feeling, but still in our own style.
So today, on set, in the studio, it was the color burgandy, black-bottoms, skirt/dress and a print.
I don't know how or why that happens every time, but really it does every time!
The fun part is that today her complete outfit is by Primark and mine by Sandro. 
Except for our bottoms, both are wearing Wolford tights (50 den) and GANNI booties.
How about our posing tips? hahahaha... we had so much fun shooting them :-)

Thanks Maartje van den for being so beautiful again on my blog and Otto van den Toorn to shoot us again and still find us funny and not annoying :-)
Je T'aime!

Bisou Anna

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Check out my romantic tips at Leuke Dingen
It was a lot of fun to be a guest editor at one of my favorite websites.

Ciao, bisou Anna


Trade Studio Happy Days!

This sunday Ill be at the Trade Studio in Haarlem.
A special event with 10% discount on the best brands, goodie bags and a make-up make-over by me.
Stop by and ill see you there!!!

Bisou Anna

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My daily hair & make-up routine on video!

After a lot of questions about my own daily make-up routine, I made this amateur video for you in my kitchen :-) 

And to finish the look, a little & simple hair up-do 

Have fun trying :-)
Bisou Anna

Monday, 22 October 2012

Wedding pictures!

Three pictures of me and my friend at a jointly friends tres chique wedding.
Wearing a dark blue dress by Malene Birger, Sandro smoking jacket an a handmade (very little) hat.

Pictures are made by Studio Damon.
A compliment to Studio Damon, I have seen so many wedding photographers and photographs.
Mmm.... and they are always, how to say ??? Tacky, boring, messy, bad lightning etc etc...
But these guys came with two photographers, so did not miss any moment and I still did not had the feeling they were everywhere around you. 
And another thing is, they use the daylight and no flash!  So if you ever get married contact Studio Damon!!!

Have a good week!
Bisou Anna

Oh and this is the result of the last picture :-)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hipper de hipsta!!

What a week of extreme differences
Attended a tres chique wedding, worked in the middle of the night in a casino, trawling thru my neighborhood with my son, went to a concert with my bff and sold a lot of great clothing and shoes with Maartje at a market.
The best thing of the week was that love and friendship surrounded me every day :-)

Have a great week.
Bisou Anna   

Friday, 12 October 2012


Next month in November it will be 10 years ago that I quit Alice Deejay. 
It was a great project, fabulous time, amazing experience and an almost unreal period in my life.
Last wednesday the dutch radio station WILD FM called me, how are you? what are you up to?
It was a lot of fun talking to Anthony & Dyantha, I listen to them almost every morning.
It felt great to reminisce about those days with them.

So if you understand Dutch, have fun with this little interview-clip.
If you were or are an Alice Deejay fan, some questions will be answered :-)
And I give away a big premiere...the start of my own clothing line. 
Wich will be sold exclusively online next year on May 1 2013.
More about that soon :-)    

Bisou Anna

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Style a la Solange!

Don't know about the song....but pfffff this woman knows how to dress herself
A very inspirational video, the colors, the mixes, the love love every outfit
Love style a la Solange

Also check her blog "My Damn Blog" here  

Bisou Anna

Monday, 8 October 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012

Fall in Amsterdam

Today was a typical fall day in Amsterdam
Rain, sunshine, wind but still 16 degrees. So..... so far the weather forecast in Holland
But what to wear on a working day like this? Layers layers layers.....
A black ESPRIT tunic (and underneath a black slip-on dress by Calvin Klein, they have the best lingerie, love the bras as well) 
an oversized ZARA knitted cardigan, Wine-red (with animal print) cashmere scarf from a Florence market, black 50 denier WOLFORD tights, 
black suede knee high boots by ZARA, a TOV customized tote bag (see this post) and my fav MARNI sunnies.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mine is packed, with a wedding tomorrow and family affairs on sunday.

Bisou Anna