Saturday, 29 June 2013

Chris & Sophie

Very excited to show you this beautiful little film we made in South Africa last December.
Remember I was there with my crew for Silver Creek?
(you can check related posts here, here, here & here)
Oh and check it in HD at VIMEO

Camera Stef Nagel, Edit Otto van den Toorn, Styling Maartje van den Broek, Hair & Make-up Judith Anna Pronk

Enjoy the story about Chris & Sophie

Bisou Anna

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

backstage report

Some backstage shots of me working yesterday...
Of course with my favorite brands Sisley & CHI

I am wearing my Persol glasses (yep it is official I am getting old :-) a silk blouse by SANDRO, a navy blue baggy cotton pantalon by Isabel Marant ( hurray for sale).

How is your week coming about?
Bisou Anna

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Every year me and my BFF make a spring city trip.
You know just two girls getting inspired by new images, scents, laughter and beautiful food & wines.
Searching for the most beautiful pieces of fabric, art or the perfect pair of black suede heels.
Off course we already seen Paris but I miss the city....... so let's go again soon girlfriend!

Bisou Anna

(all images are from PINTEREST)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Anna Vie progress

The best part of this insanely fun project I am doing, is making al the decisions.
About colors, silk thickness, washing soap, choosing buttons and even safety pins for the hangtag.
I am mean, I am an entertainer, dancer, mom, girlfriend and make-up artist and now I am trying to a designer?
Well I am LOVING every minute of it.
Next week the last samples before production will arrive......oh my ..oh my...I can't wait.

You can follow ANNA VIE via facebook and will be online in September 2013

Bisou Anna   

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Diner is served

Couscous with steamed chicken, asparagus and lemon

It is as simple as it sounds.
* chicken with onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh thyme, pepper & salt. Steam it or grill it!
* prepare the couscous * boil the asparagus briefly
* olive oil, squeeze half a lemon with your hand above the dish, some pepper & salt and finish with fresh dill 

Bon Apetit & Bisou Anna

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
Emaille oven-pan by the Carrefour (french super market) and colored oven-plat by Bloomingville

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Monday, 17 June 2013


As you may know by now I am a picture junkie....
And I see so many beautiful images around me and with INSTAGRAM it is great fun taking the pictures.

This is a selection of the past two weeks instagraming. It is very addictive :-)

Bisou Anna


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Janne Schra - Different (official video)

Yes...the video of Janne Schra is released!
What do you think? I am very proud of our hard work and well I am a fan... so love the song.

Bisou Anna

This video contains 98% Janne Schra in a wide selection of colors, flavors and shapes, and 2% Tim Haars. He's different anyway! The video is a wink-and-a-nod to Janne's favorite Michael Jackson video, 'Black or White,' which really should have done that thing at the end for a lot longer, and describes in a nutshell how she's always drawn to change in general.

'Thanks a lot Basha de Bruijn (director) and Johannes de Jong of Cadans post-production for making this amazing montage in a stuffy little room while everyone else was enjoying the sunshine.Thanks Judith Pronk (make-up) for changing my face drastically yet tastefully, without going for the unibrow.Thanks Florine Eijgenraam (styling) for your effort to get everything together and letting me wear your lovely handmade accessories. Thanks awesome designers Anneloes Ouwehand, Sabine Staartjes and Pauline Van Dongen. Sjiek Boutique and all the labels: Edith & Ella, One thea spoon, Ted Baker, Donna Donella, Anne Gorke, Second Female, Mimi et Toi and Tony Cohen. No light no sight, so thanks Berend Holtkamp. And Monique Snoek for all the help!' Let's do it again sometime... or maybe this was enough change for the rest of my life!' Janne.Download the album of Janne Schra now on iTunes:

Friday, 14 June 2013

Mackerel salad

Great salad (a what do we have in the fridge recipe)

*Smoked mackerel *avocado *grilled zucchini *rocket salad *blue berries *avocado oil *appel vinegar *salt & pepper

Bon Apetit, Bisou Anna

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Orange Lips!

I repinned this collage from Pinterest but then I thought it was to cool not to share with you on Anna's Choice.
As I love a good lip in red, fuchsia or yes yes yes orange.

Maybe theses pictures will inspire you?
Original via

Bisou Anna 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


All this beautiful sweetness make me long for summer.
The car ride to the south of France and when arriving all the amazing food and lovely smells.
Mmmmmmm..... Eh you can imagine we finished it all in one day!

What are your holiday food memories?

Bisou Anna 

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

I want it all!!

Isabel Marant for H&M @ september the 14

Bisou Anna

Monday, 10 June 2013


One of the advantages of my job as a make-up artist, is that I can ask the professional wizards of light
to shoot my picture/ outfit for my little blog.
So last week at the end of the day working @ the BlowUpStudio it was my turn to stand in the light.

A big thank you again Hans de Kort for shooting this outfit post in a professional setting and lightning.
At my age a girl is very happy with that :-)

Wearing a SamsoeSamsoe blouse (via TradeStudio), silk skirt by ZARA, vintage belt, MANGO sandels & H&M clutch

Bisou Anna


Saturday, 8 June 2013


In this time of crisis more and more people think twice before buying new clothes.
Vintage, second hand, exchange parties, flea markets and DIY (do it yourself)
One of the magazines I work for is the Dutch "KNIPmode" 
It is around for ages and have great patterns, like these pictures/patterns
You van become your own designer. Pick your fabric, pattern and DIY! 
This issue is in stores now.

Photographed by Hans de Kort
Styled by Floor Nye
Hair & make-up by me/ Judith Anna Pronk

 Bisou Anna