Saturday, 15 June 2013

Janne Schra - Different (official video)

Yes...the video of Janne Schra is released!
What do you think? I am very proud of our hard work and well I am a fan... so love the song.

Bisou Anna

This video contains 98% Janne Schra in a wide selection of colors, flavors and shapes, and 2% Tim Haars. He's different anyway! The video is a wink-and-a-nod to Janne's favorite Michael Jackson video, 'Black or White,' which really should have done that thing at the end for a lot longer, and describes in a nutshell how she's always drawn to change in general.

'Thanks a lot Basha de Bruijn (director) and Johannes de Jong of Cadans post-production for making this amazing montage in a stuffy little room while everyone else was enjoying the sunshine.Thanks Judith Pronk (make-up) for changing my face drastically yet tastefully, without going for the unibrow.Thanks Florine Eijgenraam (styling) for your effort to get everything together and letting me wear your lovely handmade accessories. Thanks awesome designers Anneloes Ouwehand, Sabine Staartjes and Pauline Van Dongen. Sjiek Boutique and all the labels: Edith & Ella, One thea spoon, Ted Baker, Donna Donella, Anne Gorke, Second Female, Mimi et Toi and Tony Cohen. No light no sight, so thanks Berend Holtkamp. And Monique Snoek for all the help!' Let's do it again sometime... or maybe this was enough change for the rest of my life!' Janne.Download the album of Janne Schra now on iTunes:


  1. I really liked it! Thanks for sharing! ~:-)

  2. how many looks does it contain??? love it, and she looks completely different with every look.


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