Who is Anna?


Judith Anna Pronk was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on December 8th, 1973. 
And  still lives in Amsterdam with her long time boyfriend and their son.
Already from a young age, she was a born entertainer, trying to put up her best performance. When she turns 6 years old, Judith signs up for classical ballet classes and she turns out to be a natural talent. She performs on almost every stage she can find, at school and at community centers and eventually decides to sign up for the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (the Dutch School of Arts) in Amsterdam, to obtain her degree as a professional theatre dance teacher.

 Three years later, Judith becomes the face of internationally acclaimed pop-act Alice Deejay and performs at different stages all over the world. Worldwide, Alice Deejay scores multiple number 1 hits and wins numerous awards. She is the host of 2 live TV shows at the international Children’s Channel Nickelodeon and has also hosted several festivals.

But the stage is where she belongs, and when Dance Company Dance Project comes along she decides to join. With educational dance performances for children and youngsters, Dance Projects tours around all corners of The Netherlands. After several years dancing, Judith decides to go back to the glitz and glam: she will become a professional Make Up Artist. In 2004 she subscribes for “De School van Mieke Petiet”, an internationally recognized institute for Make Up artists, and finishes her degree one year later.

To become an ”all-round” she also takes special classes at “The Hair School” making her as versatile a Make Up Artist as possible. As of 2005, Judith works at a variety of national and international productions, doing hair and make up for TV and film shoots as well as a broad range of different magazines and glossy’s. As a specialist she participates on the NET5 show “Model in 1 Day” in which she translates the latest trends, gives make up tips, and elucidates the newest in makeup technology.

So what do all those years on stage, before and behind the camera have in common?
Judith Anna loves fashion, loves to play dress up, loves to feel pretty, loving the beautiful things in life.  
Like loving the two men in her life, girlfriends, Paris and shoes, shoes, shoes and ok dresses to. 
And that’s exactly what Anna’s Choice is all about. One choice a day of inspiring images that makes you feel good, smile or dare do it, or wear it yourself! 
Let's play! 

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Judith Anna