Monday, 28 February 2011

Make-up tips by Lisa Eldridge

I just love Lisa Eldridge..... make-up artist of the stars and a great tutor.
This bit is about 12 minutes and gives you all the tips & trics

Check out her blog, where she is her own example all the time.
Very daring to show yourself that naked as a make-up artist.

Start by looking at these 2 little clips .....

Of course you can always change eyeshadow colors.
Be daring and have fun practicing.

Bisou Anna

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Saturday, 26 February 2011


As a huge fan of photographer/blogger Garance Doré, fashion addict and mother
I had to share this photo with you.
Look at the gloves, that are buttoned up at the sleeves
and the fantastic colored knitted cap...... 
She is so cute!!!!

Check Garance Doré 's blog for much more beautiful pictures

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Bisou Anna

Friday, 25 February 2011


The designers all say that you just have to wear red.
From top to bottom or just a statement coat will do the works.
All pictures are from 

Choose any color of red that suits you! 

Bisou Anna

Thursday, 24 February 2011


ACNE Fall/ Winter 2011
Summer is not here yet but fashion world is showing winter 2011
A lovely clean and colored winter by the way.

Bisou Anna


WELCOME @ Djunk!
A fantastic vintage store mixed with young designers and own clothing line called Djunk!

Let me introduce you to Jessica Philipoom, entrepreneur, designer, fashion lover,
dog lover, party girl, health freak, life lover, dreamer...and owner of Djunk! 

Wanna look around?

Djunk! has her own clothing line, with mostly dresses, also for the little ones.
In the summer time you can find Djunk! at the beach 
 @ Bruxelles aan Zee @ Zandvoort The Netherlands

Especially in a store called Djunk! you find little treasures, like the beige leather bag.
(That is mine now :-)

There are only 3 stores (Djunk! is one of them) in Holland who sell this amazing brand Wolfboots 
All boots are handmade and can be custom made inspired by your earth-sign.
I desperately want these ones, so I have to go back real soon.....

Before you walk out the door,......... Djunk! sells young designers as
* By Ellen Benders * TuTu Tale * Agathe M  *Dirkje voor Vrouwen

A note from Jessica to you.... If you are a young designer and you are looking for a place 
to sell your designs... please contact

See you @ Djunk! 
Breestraat 1 zw, 2011ZX, Haarlem, The Netherlands
(20 min from Amsterdam)

Bisou Anna

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pink Pink Pink

My outfit from yesterday, while working for Philips.
Trying to catch it thru the mirror, in the make-up room, with my fantastic Canon Camera
and my favorite (portrait) Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

Blazer - ZARA, Pink t-shirt by Victoria Secret PINK-line, Leather pants by S'NOB
Bow neckless by Three, Sneakers by NIKE air, Pink watch by NEON
and a homemade colored small beaded neckless as a bracelet.

Have a great day.
Bisou Anna

Monday, 21 February 2011


Excuse my white feet :-)
My body is still in winter mode, but with a little sun here and there, some
bodypump at the gym, I am waking up slowly.

Black see thru blouse - Laundry Industry, Lace top - Calvin Klein, vintage earrings,
Taupe leather skirt -  vintage, bag - zara, wedges -  Pied A Terre 

and have a great monday!

Bisou Anna

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Anouk's Adventure in NYC

Anouk is a friend of mine, fashion stylist, socialite and life lover.
She travels a lot and shares her pictures with us.
Today it's her adventure during New York Fashion Week and shopping sprees!

Some great pics from 2 great shows !

The trip ended with a lovely shopping spree.
A successful shopping spree I may ad.

I am curious which city Anouk will visit next.

Bisou Anna