Thursday, 24 February 2011


WELCOME @ Djunk!
A fantastic vintage store mixed with young designers and own clothing line called Djunk!

Let me introduce you to Jessica Philipoom, entrepreneur, designer, fashion lover,
dog lover, party girl, health freak, life lover, dreamer...and owner of Djunk! 

Wanna look around?

Djunk! has her own clothing line, with mostly dresses, also for the little ones.
In the summer time you can find Djunk! at the beach 
 @ Bruxelles aan Zee @ Zandvoort The Netherlands

Especially in a store called Djunk! you find little treasures, like the beige leather bag.
(That is mine now :-)

There are only 3 stores (Djunk! is one of them) in Holland who sell this amazing brand Wolfboots 
All boots are handmade and can be custom made inspired by your earth-sign.
I desperately want these ones, so I have to go back real soon.....

Before you walk out the door,......... Djunk! sells young designers as
* By Ellen Benders * TuTu Tale * Agathe M  *Dirkje voor Vrouwen

A note from Jessica to you.... If you are a young designer and you are looking for a place 
to sell your designs... please contact

See you @ Djunk! 
Breestraat 1 zw, 2011ZX, Haarlem, The Netherlands
(20 min from Amsterdam)

Bisou Anna


  1. This is what’s fashion is all about, create a place were treasures can be find. What I love about the store is that you have to take your time to look around. You can really search for that perfect piece, it’s like a fashionable treasure hunt. Always love to see this kind of stores. I normally shop in big flagship stores were everything is so perfectly organized. But hear you can feel the passion for beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful place and designs. I love when people get together and support each other in their creations.So refreshing.
    Have a good day Anna.

  3. this looks like a place where you can find all sorts of beautiful and unique pieces :)

  4. that's really amazing and so chic.every detail just fascinates me
    btw you have a really blog)so keep on postin'
    +1 follower)


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