Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Years Eve party make-up tutorial

How about a sultry hot and sexy New Years Eve make-up look?
Just follow the steps, practice a few times and 
you will be the vamp of the party! 

1* Choose a color and apply it allover the moving eyelid.
Like a taupe, purple or a shade of gray.

2* & 3* frame your eye with a greasy eye-pencil (a darker color then step 1), 
but do not close the frame, stop before you hit the inner corner.
Leave this part a bit lighter than the rest. It will open up your eye.
Grab a smudging brush and smudge from dark to lighter.
When to light, ad more dark eyeshadow.... Build it up...
Do not be afraid, it is just make-up. The secret is the smudging.
And that is a few times practicing  :-)

4* An eye-kohl in your eye will make the look more powerful
and lashes on top and bottom will give your look DRAMA.
Of-course you can also choose for less drama and you only ad lashes on the upper eyelid. 
If even that is to much, cut the lashes...and apply one lash after another between your own.
Easier to do and it will look natural but sexy!!

5* Clean your skin and even it out with concealer and foundation.
Shape your brows, maybe fill in the lighter parts with an eyeshadow or eyebrow powder.
Some blush on the apples on your cheek and a clear lipgloss.
The most important part of this look is self-confidence...
So put on those heels and be the best you can be... YOU!

For the look I gave my lovely cousin (who had to model for me :-)
I used all Yves Rocher products....

Please try to do something you normally would not do.
And surprise yourself, I know you can do it!
Have fun

Bisou Anna
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Hair & Make-up by Judith Anna Pronk
Model Anne Bo Hattem
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


  1. yes perfect, this is the look i am going to try for nye!

  2. Very nice indeed!!!

  3. That's a great look, I might try it for new year! I really love your blog and found it from and comment you left on anothers. It would be great if we could follow each other?


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