Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012

The year is gone but there is a new fresh year around the corner.
I love this transition day, to look back at the past year and ask myself questions like;
Did I reach my goals, wishes, what about my to do list?
Do I have new goals and how can I make myself a better person?
I always want to learn, evolve and grow, call it ambitious :-)

One thing I am very happy about is this little blog your are at right now.
Thank you for visiting and please keep on doing that in the new year.
I am very passioned about this blog and love choosing images, making images
and maybe inspire you as I am inspired by other blogs,websites & magazines.

Thanks again for visiting in 2011, see you in 2012!!!

Bisou Anna


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  1. well i end the year in the same way as you do! i think when i get older i ask myself more and more questions about goals and what i want to do in life! i wish you a haooy new year, but i think that the good health is the most important thing!


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