Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jasmine's Closet !

Jasmine Sendar
Actress, singer, host, column writer and mom 
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Designer/ Brands: Iron Fist, Pinko, Daryll van Wouw, Rosemunde

Inspiration: Magazines, People in the streets, New York and the Carribean.

Style Icon: I love the style of Jada Pinkett. She's feminine and a bit boyish. And how Beyonce dresses on stage.

Clothing: Blazers, jeans, dresses, crazy t-shirts, sneakers, high heels and boots. I cant choose one favorite!

Store: Supertrash9 straatjes@Amsterdam, ZARA, H&M

Color: Black, grey, bright colors, everything but nude colors

Fragrance: Boudoir-Vivienne Westwood, Sun-Jill Sander, Zwitsal perfume (typical dutch brand for babies, like Nenuco from Spain :-) and cocos perfume by Sephore

Make-up: Mac powder, Iman foundationstick, Make up forever concealer, Lipglossfreak

Own Style: Every day is different! From boyish to super girly!!

Fashion Understatement: Jeans that shows your butt-crack!

Bad Buy: ...will be given to my sweet cousins :-) Which happens more than I would like.

Ultimate Styling Tip: If your clothes bore you, try to do a swamp-party with your girlfriends. You give your clothes a new life and you look good.

I would like to thank Jasmine for her energy and enthusiasm. 
We had a great time shooting.
Jasmine has a fantastic personality, vibrant, positif and energetic 
just like her clothes/looks and closet radiate.

Bisou Anna

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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  1. oh my the way she stores her shoes is crazy, never seen that before! love all her girly stuff! the accessories are isnane!

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious. Me likey!!!


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