Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Anna's Choice Illustration !

It is time again to change my Anna's Choice blog header.
As you might know by now I am a fashion illustrator fan.
You can check the Anna's Art page for more beautiful fashion illustrations.

I am asking you to make a new Anna's Choice illustration from this photograph 
(or choose one you find interesting anywhere on this blog) 
and I will show it here on my blog and on the Anna's Art page.
Off course with any information you want to share.
You can do anything with the picture, maybe skip the dress or illustrate more dresses
But do not forget to place the words Anna's Choice on your drawing somewhere.

I will place the best one as my new header :-)
You can send your illustrations to
I am looking forward to your emails.

Bisou Anna


  1. I will be interesting to see. I am not good at all, jejejje.

  2. beautiful your illustrations ,I saw your Anna's Art page !
    success, dear!

  3. if i was a good illustrator i would make one but i can barely draw a stick figure lol! can't wait to see what beautiful drawing someone comes up with!


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