Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Make-up tutorial, fresh & clean!

My favorite model Roos van Dam (@ Touche Model Management) was sweet enough to lend her face for this little & quick make-up tutorial.

You can choose you own colors in this story. 
Have fun with purple and green for a party or choose a charcoal combined with black for a sexy eye! 

1* light color eyeshadow on moving eyelid
2* darker color in the outer corner of the moving eyelid
3* eyepencil to contour your eye (stop halfway at your bottom eyelid) & fill in your eyebrow
4* lots of mascara & lots of concealer (these two combined are about 4 hours of extra sleep :-)
clean your skin under your eyes (dropped eyeshadow & maybe some mascara) before applying your concealer. 
the whole trick is to end your make-up ritual with your foundation, couse the skin needs to be the cleanest/freshest!
5* apply a moisturizer and the foundation were needed, blush on the apples and use a glowy powder to highlight your skin.
(forehead, bridge of your nose, cheekbones & a bit on the chin)
And smile, that will make you look even more beautiful

 Make sure you blend everything very good. The eyeshadows, but also the foundation, blend it into the skin.
You want to see shadows of light & dark & glowy parts. You do not want to see make-up!

Have fun trying and let me know how it worked out.

Bisou Anna

Hair, make-up & photography by Judith Anna Pronk

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  1. love it!!!!!!!! love to see the before and the after! so fresh, perfect for summer


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