Thursday, 14 March 2013

Balance please!

My life is one big rolocoaster at the moment. Going from one extreme to the other and also my emotions.
Like having fun, to relaxed to sad and angry, sometimes all in one day!
Tried capturing them with IBooth in my macbook, because Anna's Choice is about me and I am real. Like you :-)

Remember my new years resolutions? Balance Balance Balance....
I am trying to energize myself with the right food and the gym twice a week.
But still tiered, we need sunshine. It is time for spring and a big spring-break.

What do you do to keep yourself balanced?

Bisou Anna


  1. You have to remember all the great things that you have already accomplished. You do not know me personally but, you have know idea, how much you have inspired me. Balance is also knowing where you are going and what is inside you that you makes you... and the love that comes out in all of the beautiful things that you have made on this earth.

    1. Thank you Cali for this lovely comment. Means a lot! Bisou Anna

  2. I can't believe you have a blog. Your music always carried me through some tough times. And Again, I still listen to you and I can't believe you're even more beautiful than you ever were to this day...this gives me hope during a tough time in the Canadian winter :) :) thank you!!!

  3. First I wanna thank you for you´re music was big part of my life when I was a child :) and then I agree what Cali32 Forever said. Those are wise words.


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