Monday, 4 February 2013


Yesterday I was @IJhallen Amsterdam, the biggest flea-market of Europe (as they say :-)
I was selling my past...old shoes, Alice Deejay glitter tops, Olivier's toys etc... 
And when I was installing our little store and went thru the bags and boxes (I am a saver...pffff) there were nostalgic moments over and over again. 
I even found a jacket I wore in a school-picture when I was 16 years old. I saved it for 23 years!!!
Do not know why, because it is way to big. Must be fashion at that time.
Find it funny, that even then, I was wearing white T's with jackets.
So off course we had to make a picture me wearing it and compare it with the school-picture.
How about those eyebrows and that to dark colored hair? 
Did not change a bit :-)

Bisou Anna


  1. Very cute!

    The biggest flea market in Europe is by the way in Lille in France.

  2. well i must say that you really look like a Dutch girl! To me they are beautiful girls with long hair and big eyes! that is how i picture dutch teenagers! you are still such a beautiful woman and i love love your quirky feminine style! and i love your huge personality!

  3. Hello Anna! Do you have other pictures of you teenager? I think it's fun :) Kisses from France


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