Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Love a good promise from Sisley

Botanical D-tox by Sisley
Off course beauty comes from within, but it is great when you discover a fabulous new product that really do what is promised for the outside. 
In 4 weeks, the face appears less tired, features are smoothed. Skin is detoxified and recovers its energy and radiance. 
Once again it can enjoy maximum benefits from its daily skincare. 
All this while you sleep!!
I now have used it for 5 nights and I already see the difference.

Love a good promise.
Bisou Anna

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  1. I need a piece of advise....
    when I go to business trip a sleep very little.
    so in the morning I have puffy eyes and I look 10 years older...
    can you suggest a product that would help me to 'restore' (sorry for my English) my eyes?


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