Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Willemijn's Closet

Willemijn Bodt 28 years old from Amsterdam

Designer/ Brands: See by Chloe,Isabel Marant, Tucker, Marlene Birger, Felder Felder, Stella McCartney, Rebecca Minkoff 
( oeh..I can not stop. To many brands I love, to many styles to love..)

Inspiration: People around me inspire me, but also beautiful images you find in magazines, on the internet or simply in the areas that surround you. Shapes and colors around me can inspire me, what I want to wear that moment, if I want to blend in or just want to stand out..

Style Icon: I Must say I admire Isabel Marant, I love her style even if I sometimes like more girlyness in my outfits. I love how she makes cool items, that always have her signature all over it. I not only admire her for that but I also think that you must be a pretty smart business woman to become where she is now..

Clothing:  dresses, skirts, blazers

Store:, I am kind of hooked on this website, they have all these great labels and when you order something beautiful, they send it nicely wrapped and in a beautiful package, what does a girl want more;)

Color: Greens, Blue’s and nudes are my favorite. I think they match the best with the color of my hair and eyes.

Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez for her.

Own Style: Depending on my mood, but mostly bit of both worlds and mixed up. Like a nice big wool vest, cool outstanding top, nice skinny pants and cool boots, or nice dresses that outlines the best of figure. And always feminine!

Make-up: Sensai from Kanebo as foundation, mascara from 38degrees from Sensai Kanebo, blush from Bobbi brown, blot powder, bronzing powder and all eye shadows from MAC. Don’t forget some good brushes (mostly from MAC). (go to, all the best brands for less! Love this site! 
Another tip of the day;  the ‘Clarisonic Mia Sonic’ system, the best brush system to clean your face, can not live without it!)

Fashion Understatement: That when you are a bit more volumized in size you must where black or….black. I admire bigger woman who dress to impress. Let’s be honest, it’s much easier putting on something black, than something more out of the ordinary. These girls have balls!

Bad Buy: haha more than one…two..tree… I say around three per year, most items are okay but not for my figure. I pass them on to my sisters or girlfriends.

Ultimate Styling Tip: Go to the MAC store(or an other great make-up brand) and get some professional advice on what make-up suits you best. Using the right color foundation, or eye shadow matching your eyes can make a big different. I think a beautiful face is half the total package. And about what clothing, just go for it and try different things and see what is most for you. Don’t get stuck in what other people are wearing or where you feel confortable in. Try to have some better quality stuff in your closet that you can mix and match with the cheaper stuff from Zara or H&M.

What a wonderful inspiring and energetic shoot we had!!
Thank you Willemijn for the homemade french pastry and the great cappuccino's.
I am looking forward to our new collaboration were we will communicate other creative thoughts :-)
Soon more about that on Anna's Choice......
Bisou Anna   

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


  1. weer zo'n heerlijke closet! en oh dat glaasje tafeltje, yes please!

  2. Hi, Anna! hope you don't mind, I use your pics in new post-inspiration

    great-great work, always a lot of inspiration!

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