Wednesday, 12 September 2012

TOV Essentials

 Bloggers personalizing a bag of choice!

TOV Essentials showroom with the spring/summer 2013 collection. 

Burning in my logo with a very very very hot pen... that was fun!!!

Showing the result with Sahrissa Lingg. What a sweet, positive, energetic and inspiring woman!

Once in a while I go to a bloggers event. You know I am a busy woman so it has to be a good one :-)
And yes the accessory TOV Essential brand organized a fabulous one.
After a presentation about the history of the brand and about making leather (since 1100 before Christ)  it was time for us bloggers to become creative. 
We could personalize a bag of choice... what? Yes yes yes!!! As a shoe and bag was an afternoon in heaven. Ad spikes, burn letters in leather (check my name tag) or bead some beads.

TOV is a brand for a woman who wants luxury & quality but for a good price. The bags are all handmade in Italy... "hello" handmade....and the price range is €199,- till €399,- That is way cheaper than my Mulberry but the same quality. Amazing initiative by Sahrissa (who started TOV as a jewelry brand) and her husband.
And I quote "the Dutch woman spends around €30,- per year on a bag" Isn't that terrible?
But you know, if you spend money on a beautiful, quality and luxurious bag, you can never ever go back to a cheap one. 
So check out and spoil yourself! I hate the "you are worth it" line, but it is so tru. Even worse hahahaha :-)

 Dear TOV thank you for inviting me to this amazing event, the helping hand while customizing,
Sahrissa's positive and inspiring energy and thank you for my amazing bag.
Bisou Anna 


  1. love the leather of that bag and the color, such a deep brown color! perfect shopping tote (don't know why they call it a shopping tote, i would never use it to put my groceries in there ;)

  2. This is so cool!! I want to make one! Love it

    Dikke kus sjarde

  3. Mooie tassen...en ook een leuk shirt! Waar is die van? Groetjes Rianne


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