Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Tuscan wedding!

These past three days I am enjoying Italie and its treasures.
My friend (stylist and blogger check here) had her dream wedding on a mountain in Florence.
The hotel is called Il Salviatino and the most luxurious hotel I have ever been.  
We all arrived on friday and ended that day wit a delicious BBQ. On saturday "the day" a day off (not for me I was doing my friend's hair and my colleague/friend make-up artist Dominique Samuel did  her make-up) and then at 19:00 they got married. The party was amazing, the food was amazing, the wine was amazing and especially the people were amazing. 
It was a weekend of beautiful pictures around me constantly, think the scenery, think the plates with food, think all the women with dresses and heels and wow the bride was wearing a John Galiano see-thru dress. 

I had packed my Margit Brand dress for the BBQ, a Cacharel skirt with a silk shirt by Club Monaco on saturday, I wore my Lauren Mc Calmont by ASOS Black at the wedding and on sunday Denham jeans with sandals (bought in Florence) and a T.

What a dream weekend.
I hope with these words and these few pictures you can imagine my magical experience.

Merci Alex & Anouk 
Bisou Anna


  1. Wat een prachtige schoenen! Van jou?!? Voor de rest ook mooie sfeer-foto's, geweldig om mee te maken! Hoop dat Sophie(mijn dochter, je "kent"haar van de Cosmo-wedstrijd van vorig jaar) ooit ook zo'n trouwdag heeft.... Superromantisch!

  2. Oooh, this looks great! I want to get married also :-)

  3. I am so happy whenever people have a great time in my country!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette


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