Monday, 13 August 2012

Nancy's Closet

Nancy Steeman 27 years old from Amsterdam
Fashion Stylist @ JAN Magazine & PARK Magazine 

Designer/ Brands: MiuMiu, PRADA, Gucci and because of a fantastic winter 2012/13 collection BALMAIN 

Inspiration: The streets, Movies, Books and L.O.V.E.
For my first editorial I was inspired by the book Water for magical

Style Icon: Patti Smith and  all the girls who work at JAN & PARK Magazine... They all look smashing!

Clothing: Pencil skirt and a fabulous basic T

Store: MiuMiu @ NYC, Topshop London, ZARA, ID @Haarlem and MOISE @Haarlem

Color: -

Fragrance: Escale a Parati by DIOR

Own Style: Edgy but always with a touch of girlyness 

Make-up: Foundation by Benefit via Saphora, and always nail polish (favorite is OPI)

Fashion Understatement: I hate practical clothing, or at least when you are not chillin on the couch or are at the gym. Please spice it up a little, you can play dress-up everyday!

Bad Buy: Thousands 

Ultimate Styling Tip: The term "mix and match" make me itch....but hey it is the ultimate styling tip. Just be creative, make sure it fits you, your body type and your character. Like I said before, SPICE IT UP!!!!  

This was one of the best saturday mornings I had in a long time. What an inspiration!
Nancy surrounds herself with only pretty things. 
Everywhere in her home, where ever you look is something beautiful to see. 
But not just to see and pass by, but really look at, admire, look again and get inspired. 
After a lot of teas, croissants, sunshine, fun and chatting, I drove back home fulfilled and with lots of ideas and energy. 
Thank you Nancy, looking forward to see more of your magic in JAN & PARK Magazine.

Bisou Anna

Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


  1. what a eclectic lady and of course she love glitter! well, she is going to love the new miu miu collection, more glitter on the way! fabulous to see how different styles become one, she is very eclectic in a vintage way!

  2. Heel tof...vind de zilveren schoentjes prachtig!! Xx sjarde


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