Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chic meets Rock!

I love clashing/mixing styles, like I did on this look today. 
*A baggy (H&M trend) Tshirt with chic pearls, 
*a classic mens pantalon with a leather jacket (via SKY Amsterdam), 
*conservative loafers with studs (by ZARA).
The red nails (by ESSIE) and the red lipstick (by Sisley) gives a little pop of color.
I fancy wearing red lipstick when I am tired, it lifts up the face. So people will look at my smile and not my tired eyes :-)

What is your pick me up?
Bisou Anna

Photographed by Joost Govers

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  1. what a fabulous inspiration, i have a pair of pants like that but i alway wear them with heels! perfect with the loafers! i am not used of seeing you like this, but girl you rock this look (get it, rock.. ;;;)))!


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