Monday, 9 July 2012

Have a peek @ my week on location - DAY 4

Dancing on a rooftop in Rotterdam :-)
The ballerina girl/ dancing queen inside of me, sometimes need to come out. 
(for those who do not know I used to make a living with dance, music and entertainment :-)
And the last picture of the shoot, the dream team became zombies.......
Wearing a animal print cotton ZARA blouse, white H&M jeans and Scenario sandals.

Have an inspiring week !
Bisou Anna

ps the little doggie is not mine, but very cute though :-)


  1. yes you did! You dancing queen you... I miss you


  2. stunning pictures, i love the combination of the colors of your outfit and the scenery!!!! you look amazing in those white pants (white pants can look so tacky, but not in your case)! and oh those perfect dance moves


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