Thursday, 21 June 2012

IBooth portraits + make-up

The base of my make-up is the right foundation, cause I hate my skin.
Full of pigmentation and redness, even if I use an SPF 50.
A light foundation with some Guerlain bronzer and SISLEY mascara on the lashes, I am ready to start the day.
What is your make-up routine?

Bisou Anna  

Wearing 1: Silk Drykorn blouse via Trade Studio 2: ZARA jacket 3: Silk FilipaK blouse with vintage WRANGLER jeans jacket 
4: Soft pink blouse by SamsoeSamsoe via Trade Studio 5: Silk terra-cotta colored blouse by French Connection

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  1. ok. HOE doe ik dat laatste kapsel bij mezelf? tutorial please!


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