Friday, 11 May 2012

Helena & Isa's Closet

Helena (27 years) mother, model, traveler, dreamer, dancer, singer, snow-boarder and adventure seeker
Helena lives with her daughter Isa (6 years) in Utrecht

Designer/ Brands: Iris van Herpen

Inspiration: Traveling, people, music and feelings

Style Icon: My daughter Isa 

Clothing: Dresses

Store: Vintage stores all around the world, always seeking for that perfect princes/party dress

Color: Red

Fragrance: Elle by Armani and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne 

Own Style: Feminine with an edge

Make-up: Lash Curler by Shu Uemura, DIOR Show mascara, MAC creme blusher in color posey, RITUALS black eyeliner. And when going out I love to wear strong colored lipstick like the orangy-red color Lady Danger by MAC. 

Fashion Understatement: Everything so oversized and asymmetrical (think Dutch brand Cora Kemperman) That you look like a witch or a dryad...So not feminine, stylish or fashionable. That doesn't work for anybody. Leave it for Walt Disney films!   

Bad Buy:  I am an impulse buyer. So yes a few bad buys....example; Bought a dress (was already in doubt, in the dressing room) At home I thought it was to long, so I shortened it. And then it became a top. Even worse! And this is one of many, so I have to learn and listen to my gut feeling and when in doubt, 
DO NOT BUY!!!   

Ultimate Styling Tip: Dare to show your body * Dare to use your body (type) * Dare to play with clothing * Dare to use colors * Dare to combine colors *Dare to use prints *Dare to combine prints *Dare to look, be and feel like a woman * DARE TO BE YOU!

This was one of the most precious Closet shoots I had. Because Helena and Isa have created their own little world and they let me in that world. Showed me around, made me feel welcome, made me feel part of it, showed me everything special with love and attention.
They made me feel like a girl, a princes, an elf....

They made me dream a bit more in life!

Thank you girls, I would love to come back and play again some time.
Bisou Anna 

Photographed, produced and words by Judith Anna Pronk

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  1. please send me the mint vintage dress and the pink sequined dress and the Iris shoes as soon as possible! how gorgeous are they!!!!! i have always wanted the shoes but i never bought them!


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