Thursday, 5 April 2012

Eau de Sisley

Floral and Joyful,
eau de Sisley 1 is a sunkissed dress,
brimming with the mystery of a summer garden. 

Its top note is lively and stimulating with a fresh gust of citrus interspersed with spices. It has the fruity lemony freshness of green Tangerine, Grapefruit and the teasing fragrance of pink Berries enhanced with a pinch of Spice.

Its floral heart, powerful and sunny, yet fluid, combines pure, delicate Jasmine water with green Tea, whose fragrant soul is surrounded by a light, bitter layer. Juniper Berries impart freshness as well as a hint of bitterness.

Its base note depicts elegant chypre, a Chypre from the Hesperides, softened by Musk that gives a deep vibrant note and lingers on the skin with a delicate smoothness. 

Joyful, romantic, tenderly feminine, eau de Sisley 1 has the sensuality of a delicately chosen bouquet.

Sparkling and Transparent,
eau de Sisley 2 is a white-flower dress dotted with green notes. 

Its top note is very fresh and green, a combination of subtle spicy notes of Cardamon and Bergamot with their delicate sensuality, and an impertinent touch of Basil.

Its heart is floral, fluid and transparent, composed of selected flowers of water lily, and is blended with Jasmine from Egypt, Cyclamen and Rose.
Its base is a surprising combination of water and the mystery of chypre. It is a delicate harmony of sunny notes with the sensuality of Patchouli and Vetiver as well as the elegance of Cedar and Sandalwood. 

Luminous, lively and cheerful, eau de Sisley 2 reinvents a modern green note imparting a delicate, serene and natural sensuality.

Surprisingly Addictive,
eau de Sisley 3 is a seductive dress adorned with sparkling
red rubies. 

It intrigues by its joyous note of stimulating Citrus. Its strong tonic combination emerges from the subtle succession of fresh notes: precious essence of Bergamot, sparkles of Tangerine, bitterness of Grapefruit, and Tangy Lemon.

It dives, like an impulse, with lightness and elegance,into an exotic, sensual heart, happily fascinated by purple Ginger,softly voluptuous with an audacious hint of Chinese Osmanthus flower and traces of Peach and Apricot.

An elegant base note, fashioned by the force of Patchouli and Vetiver, the smoothness of Benjamin and Vanilla, and the softness of musk signs, with an enigmatic smile, the elegance of this scent. 

Teasing and aloof, eau de Sisley 3 is unexpected and whimsical.

Ones in a while you must spread your wings and find a new scent.
And then there is Eau de Sisley nr 1, nr 2 & nr 3
For every woman in you a different look and feel and so a different scent.
The numbers Eau de Sisley are wearable a part, but even more special together.
When you go to a perfumery they will spray your number on a piece of ribbon,
so you can wear it on your arm the whole day. How cool and special is that? 
So test, smell and feel you with Eau the Sisley. 
My favorite is the number 3, the red one :-)

Enjoy the hunt 
Bisou Anna


  1. Must check.
    Have a nice Easter weekend, Anna.

  2. what a clever idea indeed! zo handig, je kan moeilijk aan je eigen hals beginnen ruiken, dit is gewoon de perfect oplossing! kon je maar ruiken via internet, jammer


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