Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The week in hipsta's

I have to slow my life a bit down, cause the flu is still around.
So I took another week off. Quite difficult as a freelancer, but great things are on my way
and I have to get strong and fit again. Ill let you know all about it asap!

A few pictures of this past week, W.A.Y.L.A:
*Diner & Dessert
*Bows & O.P.I. 
*Nike runners & Fred de la Bretoniere flats (my al-time favorite)
*My look on set
*My love for yellow is everywhere :-)

Bisou Anna


  1. Well, It's been wet, cold, and windy here in Vegas since St Patricks day, and my nose has been running since God knows when, so I think I can relate. My advice would be to keep your mouth and throat clean, and get some over the counter stuff.

  2. It is nice to take pics of life.
    Gorgeous, dear Anne.
    get better


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