Saturday, 24 March 2012

Anna's Make over!!

New hair; trying to let it grow long, what do you think? long or short? 
and if you take a close look at my teeth, I got me some braces.
It hurts like hell, forgot all about that part (had braces when I was 12 years old)
but I believe it is all worth it. Eight Months and then.......a real Hollywood smile!

Here in Amsterdam the sun is shining and 20 degrees.
How about were you are at?

Have great weekend!
Bisou Anna


  1. love it! ik ben dus ook bezig om mijn haar te laten groeien, jammer genoeg moet ik door die ellende fases!!! bon, ik hoop tegen de zomer de korte versie van jou te hebben

  2. Enjoy the sun, my beauty, and have a wonderful weekend

  3. Staat je prachtig!! Ik ga m'n haar laten groeien .....uuhhhm kijken of t lukt :)
    Dikke kus sjar


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