Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cécile's Closet

Cécile van Maasakkers - Marketing PR Manager @ Anna
31 years old from Amsterdam

Designer/ Brands: Gucci, Stella Mc Cartney, Victor & Rolf, Jan Taminiau & Oscar de la Renta

Inspiration: People, the streets, travelling, magazines, well lets say "life"!

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot & Kate Moss

Clothing: Dresses & Heels

Store: Boutiques in Barcelona & Milan, Camden market &Topshop in London, Raak, Smaak, Blau, 
Karen Millen, Jutka&Riska all based in Amsterdam

Color: Every vibrant color

Fragrance: By by Dolce & Gabanna (does not exist anymore) and REM by Reminiscence 

Own Style: I am a mood dresser... oh yes a mood dresser!! But always feminine and colorful.
And rather overdressed then underdressed. I like to make an entrance :-)

Make-up: Every mascara that exist I own and use. Every layer of mascara has a purpose and that depends on the brush. I also own to many lip-glosses...addict!!

Fashion Understatement: If you don't dress your body..... too big or too small,unfitted and unflattering

Bad Buy: I am such an impulse buyer and I can't choose colors. So I buy all colors of one pair of shoes for example. And then off course just wear one pair :-) But my badest buy is a dress by Iceberg, which I bought in Milan. 
It is way too fitted and tight. I love a guitar shaped body in a dress, but this one is a bit too much.
So the dress hangs in my closet for three years now. Never ever wore it and it still has its price tag :-(  

Ultimate Styling Tip: Know your body/body-type and what color complements your skin complexion.
Oh and of course "You are never fully dressed without a smile" 

I never ever have seen such a collection of shoes and dresses. 
Unfortunately I was not able to shoot this closet, like that you would have the same aaahhhh feeling.
You see Cécile standing in front off one of many closets she owns 
and oh my oh my.... shoes are stored everywhere.
Even in the kitchen cabinets, or in the hall way stored in the original boxes.
I showed you just a few of her favorites :-)  
It was a party to shoot Cécile's closet. The love for fashion and clothing is all around her
and it was great to see her being proud of her fabulous collection.
I mean she still owns a skirt bought in 1999 and she still wears it.

Thanks Cécile,maybe I will come back and shoot the rest of your closet :-)
Bisou Anna

All photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


  1. i want to steel the last dress, how divine is that! love love the collection this lady has because it is so different! not many people invest in coats, the spring coat you are wearing is simply amazing! gorgeous photos too, especially the one of the two pair of shoes hanging from the heating!

  2. Wow! She is stunning! And those jewels...those shoes...those hats! Those closets are a veritable playground!!!

  3. Liselotte Filippo2 Feb 2012, 16:49:00

    Such a beauty and those clothes......fantastic!

  4. Damn such niece pieces!
    I so want all her jewelry ;s
    A really really beautiful collection!

    x Jonas


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