Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spring feelings in winter time....

Post by guest editor Csarah  

Inspired by the calendergirl of January I got a spring feeling in my stomach. 
Light yellow tulips in pastel colored vintage cans make me happy 
and let me forget the rain and wind outside. 
But is is still winter and so I love to drink my Verveine tea
with boudoir biscuits sitting at the dining-table 
to warm me up and dream of spring... 2 more months to go, right?

W.A.Y.L.A (what are you looking at:)

*Calender 2012 Madame Mo (
*Faience souvenir plates from Sicily and France hanging on the kitchen wall.
*Arizona Green Tea (via Carrefour).
*Vintage cans and also vintage background painting (found on a fleemarket in
France) on my nightstand (made by my great-great-grandfather).
*Coloured glasses (several years a go at PolsPotten in Amsterdam)
*Flower mug (Cath Kidston) and matching colored plate.
*Pink French tulips I bought yesterday at my flowershop Hoogewerf Bloemen.

Happy Saturday
Love CsaraH

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  1. those are like the best posts ever, i always look forward to spring interior magazines, i am always completely in love with the pastel spring colors, they always feel so fresh

  2. Lovely photos, Anna. We are still waiting for winter.


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