Saturday, 3 December 2011

Inspirational pictures from around

I love every single one of these pictures.
Wish I made, shot or came up with them.
They all touch me in a way. That's what I call INSPIRATIONAL!
Unfortunately I am a dork and do not remember were I saw them on the net.
So no credits... stupid and sorry!
You know I have this little map on my computer and every time I find something pretty
I save the picture there and open it ones in a while for a treat of the eye.

Have a loving weekend!

Bisou Anna 


  1. love the romantic vibe of the pictures, so perfect to see this on a saturday morning because i can dream away! color and a little bit a glitter, what more does a girl want

  2. Love them all.

  3. Stunning the dreaminess they exude.
    Happy Weekending!

  4. Moet je Pinterest eens proberen... Briljant! Digitale bewaarplek voor mooie plaates, includief link waar vandaan.


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