Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day 1 @ Isla Morada

What are you looking at:
* The entree of the resort
* My home for this week
* Birds in the sky
* Lovely house
* Action
* The 3 kings 
* Christmas decoration
* Again some corny Christmas decoration, even on the beach!!
* Me in the window
* Cool bicycles 
* I am wearing a ZARA jumpsuit, Havaianas and dark-blue Chanel nail polish.  

Everywhere you look in Isla Morada you see color, brightness
 palm trees and Christmas decoration. 
This is so weird and funny in 25 degrees :-)

Bisou Anna

All photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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  1. i think Xmas and hot places are always a strange combination! have no idea how people celebrate Xmas down under! looks amazing girl

  2. Well, your photos are professional grade which strikes me as unusual for a hair and makeup artist; somebody must have left a detail or two out of their profile, and judging by your outfit, I'd say there's still a little bit of sun left to soak up on the beach. Show off !


  3. Wonderful pics.
    keep them coming, dear Anna.


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