Monday, 7 November 2011

Kim 's Closet

Kim Deboes

Designer/ Brands: Marc Jacobs

Inspiration: From clothing stores & beautiques

Style Icon: none ok ok ok Marc Jacobs 

Clothing: The perfect jeans

Store: ICON @ Brusselles and Marc Jacobs @ Bleeckerstreet in NYC

Color: Orange

Fragrance: none

Make-up: Lipsticks all MAC and addicted to Bobbi Browns concealer

Own Style: Eclectic!

Fashion Understatement: The so called Russian Style.... all  expensive labels/brands mixed around and together, so it becomes cheap and trashy. Over the top! It is not what you wear, it is how you wear it!

Bad Buy: My Louboutins (the ones in the picture hanging on to the chandelier) Because they are 12 cm high heeled, my feet are slipping down and so my heels are slipping out. They become too big...grrrr.... Now I have a new challenge, how to style these babies so I can wear them!

Ultimate Styling Tip: Always dress yourself to your body type... ALWAYS!!!

OOOOOOOoooooooo I am so happy with this Closet post.
I was able to take a ride (of 6 hours) to Belgium this past sunday, 
 photograph my favorite blogger Absolutely MrsK, peak into her Closet and this is the result.
She has some beautiful pieces in her Closet and I am charmed by her passion for fashion.
Thank you Kim for your hospitality, little brunch, fun and enthusiasm.
Let's meet again!

Bisou Anna
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring her!
    I love her blog and her closet is just as divine as I would have expected!

  2. those pictures are divine! even better than i thought! love love the colors and the details! so fabulous to see my closet in a very strange way! thank you for featuring me! it was an honer that you wanted to shoot my closet!

  3. How wonderful. I love KIm, at last we know Mrs K´s name, LOL.
    Everything is pure delight: the clothes, the shoes, the great photography...
    I have more things than I thought in common with her.Love Marc jacobs, follow no Icons.
    Fantastic advise that I share:
    - it is how you wear it clothes...
    Always dress yourself to your body type... ALWAYS!!!
    Fabulous post Anna.

  4. Kim... can I come live in your closet? :)

  5. Oh wow Mrs K's wardrobe is just as fantastic as i might have imagined - fab shots - you have an excellent blog x

  6. I love Mrs K! Her style is amazing! Great feature


  7. I'm so happy to find your blog, and Mrs. K's first name. She simply has amazing style. Oh my goodness, between those Balmain boots and all of those accessories... a stylist haven! Thanks for sharing.

  8. what fantastic pictures!!!!


  9. WOW!!! Te gek juud! Was zeker het ritje waard! Xx sjardé

  10. Mrs K. has a divine taste of fashion. Great to see her closet :), wish I had such a big one!
    Beautfiul pictures.

    X, Sarah

  11. I like her blog ! cool photos !
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium


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