Saturday, 19 November 2011

Iraida's Closet

Iraida Ibragimova 25 years old from Amsterdam
Freelance stylist & Fashion Reporter
Check out her work here

Designer/ Brands: Bas Kosters, Lariza Katz, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood

Inspiration: London streetstyle, everybody there looks so cool. Really has their own sense of style 

Clothing:Dresses & Shoes

Style Icon: Aynouk Tan, Ans Markus & Vivienne Westwood

Store: Primark & Topshop

Color: Dark red & black

Fragrance: Hypnotic Poison by DIOR 

Make-up: Always red lips and eyeliner of any brand

Own Style: Rock, chic, funky, hippie, classic and sexy!

Fashion Understatement: expensive clothes

Bad Buy: A Gucci bag, it is way to heavy for my fragile arms :-) 

Ultimate Styling Tip: Dress your shape! Add some colour into your life. High heels for sexy long legs , dresses for a femine feeling and add some accesoires to pimp your outfit!

I know the pretty Iraida from a long time ago when we worked on a shoot together.
She as a model and I did her hair and make-up. I love her interesting and pretty face.
This is what we shot at the time with the photographers duo Fahd & Semuel.

Anyways, I loved shooting her closet, meeting her again, see and feel her love for fashion.
Thanks Iraida.

Bisou Anna

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Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk


  1. I love her closet, and her clear head.
    I couldn´t agree more with her in most things.
    Thank you dear Anna for your art.

  2. i have never ever seen so many rings, i want want want that bulldog ring! how smashing! oh and the fish dress, what a colorful girl!

  3. Those heels are so cool.

  4. wow! perfect collaboration! beautiful set!

  5. great photos!


    oh my goodness, amazing.


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