Thursday, 13 October 2011

Yves Rocher make-up!

When I was young I got my first make-up from my mother and it was by Yves Rocher.
And still this is such a lovely brand. Creamy lipsticks, long lasting nailpolish
and great colors like this campagne image below. 
Quite inspiring color use!!! 

And I like this campaign image, because it looks fresh, clean and young.
And if you study on the models eye make-up you can probably do it yourself.
Or at least get inspired to use more colors than one.
I say a great party look.

Bisou Anna


  1. I always use clinique because I am alergic. Do you know any other brand as good for people alergic to make up???
    Besos dear Anna.

  2. i am a huge bobbi brown and mac fan for make up! yves rocher had a bad reputaion in belgium, but i think they are reinventing the brand, they needed a complete new marketing!


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