Thursday, 18 August 2011

Laurien's Closet

Laurien Bleeker
Freelance fashion & beauty editor and blogger @ CocoCashmere

Designer Scandinavian design like ACNE, Designer Remix Collection, second Female, Just Female and CHANEL off course. 

Inspiration: Bloggers like Victoria Torngren, internet, magazines and the streets (like Tokio streetstyle)

Style Icon: Victoria Torngren, Olsen Twins and Emma Watson

Clothing: Booties, vests, blazers and everything high waisted like jeans, pants or skirts.

Store:  ACNE store, The Darling and Lou Lou all in the 9 streets in Amsterdam

Color: Black, nude and off colors

Fragrance: Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture, Flower Bomb by V&R, Change by Chanel

Make-up: Volume Express Mascara by Maybeline, primer & foundation by MAC, 
lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet color nr 37 L'Exubérante, nailpolish by OPI, KOH Chanle or KIKO Milano 

Own Style: Feminine, minimalistic, sophisticated and lots of black!

Fashion Understatement: White bottoms, white leggings, white boots etc everything white.

Bad BuyNone

Ultimate Styling Tip: Accessoires!!! Complete your look. Make it your own and dare to be yourself. Dare to dress how you want, every time, everywhere at any event!

Laurien and I had fun shooting this "Closet" we ended the shoot with the interview and she offered me some home made sweets........ Chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies... Jummie!!
Easy to make and even more important very very easy to eat :-)

Melt chocolate, when soft crumble the chocolate chip cookies and the marshmallows
Mix and then put in the fridge. Et voila, bon appetit!

Bisou Anna
Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk
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  1. wow love this bright girl, look at her, she is completely glowing! the mint blouse looks amazing on her! love love love the moodboard! have to start making one too

  2. Love this closet!


  3. Nice post xoxo

  4. Great garments i like shoes and bags.

  5. She's amazing! And very kind as well ;)



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