Sunday, 21 August 2011

Absolutely Mrs K

One of my favorite bloggers in the world is the fab AbsolutelyMrsK.
She only does what she wants. She dares, She does, She has fun with fashion!!!
This pictures is a preview of her outfit.
I always love a great cliffhanger and even better when there are glitters involved :-)
Check out her blog here and do not forget to follow!

Bisou Anna

Oh and I am gonna shoot her closet for Anna's Closet next month.
Really looking forward to that one :-)


  1. I am a good friend and follower of Mrs.K, and I couldn´t agree more with you.

  2. i just saw this on her blog :)

    she's awesome!

  3. this is so heartwarming! thank you anna for doing this and for you great advice about make up! hope to get some more tips! you know how much i love your fresh skin! PS love what you wrote about me, thank you so much for calling me a cliffhanger!


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