Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Fysic

As a blogger you get a lot of cool invitations, little presents
and some times (in my case) a free diet coach, including detox pills, vitamins etc...
I am definitely not overweight, but at 37, a baby and no sports
it is time to take some action and loose those 4 extra kilos /8 pounds.
that are stuck on my hips and tummy after my pregnancy.

So here I go!!!
The fun and good thing about New Fysic is that they look at YOU.
Your life, your work, how much you move/exercise and checks your BMI.

I start tomorrow ( jep it is monday :-) with a detox day.
Only green apples. Hardly any sugar and the skin and the acid cleans the intestines .
5 to 7 apples, a yoghurt at 4 o'clock and a normal diner.
The rest of week is quit easy.... I can eat almost everything I want. 
Only no bread, no wine, no sugar and no fat.

My coach is convinced that I can reach my target weight in 3 to 4 weeks.
Then 4 more weeks to reduce and construct. 
What is 2 months in a lifetime ?
Ill keep you posted, but now I need a glass of wine and some cheese, before my apple day starts hihi!!!
Bisou Anna


  1. Zet 'm op! :-)
    Ik begin morgen ook weer...bah

  2. oh what an exciting project! i have done the same thing, a few years ago i wanted to lose the same amount of weight! i went to a nutritionist and i did it! it was all about eating the right way! good luck girl and keep us updated


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