Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kermit meets zebra meets teddy

My vintage pleated dancing dress, thats makes me feel very feminine.
I used the belt as a scarf, combined it with my Jimmy Choo by h&m heels
and a fake fur cropped jacket from The Barn.

Bisou Anna

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  1. you look amazing, that dress is simple divine! you always look smashing in chique classic dresses, it is what you do best! you bring back the days of the big movie stars. love the wicked combination with the shoes, absolutely smashing! oh and the color in the sunshine! what an amazing effect

  2. I love your shoes, fantastic, I had to close my blog since someone has entered my mind, I deleted the blog entries and broken, I just open another, you feel like helping me, follow me?? Thanks, RA

  3. Just soooo pretty! Love how you styled this awesome dress! You look fabulous!


  4. I love this dress! And with these shoes, its just fabulous! You have a very chic, unique look!

    Girl about Town XxX


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