Wednesday, 20 July 2011

At work!

Some snap shots of my day today while working.
As you can see, my work is not all glitz and glam.
I had to hold on to the bamboo to keep the wool line straight.
What are make-up artists for.... :-)
The dragonfly is photographed by me who was hanging around in the make-up room
and I am wearing a classic look, my Sonia Rykiel trench, white mens shirt and pearl earrings 
and are photographed by stylist and dear friend Maartje van den Broek

Bisou Anna

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  1. oh it is a real dragon fly! i thought it was a brooch! so that is what you do when you are at work! well you are payed for doing something, so when they can use you... ;;;)))). love it!


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