Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Make-up tutorial

A little make-up tutorial with Manon.
This is a fresh summer make-up with a touch of color.
How did we get there???

* You start with curling your hair.

*Get a soft smudgy eye-pencil in a color you like.
Line your eyes underneath and above, then smudge it, so the line becomes a bit softer.
In this case the eye kohl is by MAC color Minted.

*Lots and lots of mascara on your lashes.

*We love lashes, so I put some fake ones between Manon's own.
Dont do the whole row, just a few in between for a natural feel but with maximum result. 

*I always do eye make-up first and then foundation.
Your skin needs to look flawless, crispy clean and fresh.
Love working with the amazing EsteƩ Lauder "Double Wear" foundations.

*A color cream blush on the apples of your cheek, will make you look young and a live.
This is Cream Color Base Virgin Isle by MAC

*Do not forget a summer color on your nails.
We used a bright pink by MAC

*Finish your look with a coral/ pink/ red kinda color on the lips.
I don't remember what I used in this case, probably a mix of lipsticks as usual 
Feeling like Rembrand :-)
But one of my favorite lipstick textures at the moment, is the Chanel Rouge Coco line.
And the color "Bel Respiro" would be a nice soft alternative, if you think this lip is to much for you. 

Have fun trying and practicing with this summer look.

Bisou Anna
(et merci manon :-)

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Photographed by Judith Anna Pronk & backstage pics by Jamilla

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  1. how did you get her lips so perfect! Do you need a pencil and a brush??? It never works with me. Love the tips, first eye make-up check! Foundation is the hardest thing to do because I don’t like the feeling of a cream on my skin (but unfortunately I need the cream). Fabulous tip about the mascara. Fabulous post girl


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