Monday, 4 April 2011

Botox adventure!


As a hair & make-up artist I see Botox, Fillers and Peelings.
Therefor it's not a big deal to me anymore.
And when a killer deal by Groupon  came along, I felt the need to start an investigation.

*What would it do for me?
*Does it hurt?
*Do you feel it, paralyzing your muscles?
*What happens to my expression?
*Is it addictive?

For €30,- I could try out a Botox treatment by Acura Cosmetic Centre
A week ago I got 5 shots between my eyebrows.
OMG I was very scared... what was I thinking??? I am healthy...!!! 
But also very curious and it would be lovely if the line between my eyebrows could be a bit softer.
Because when I concentrate, I frown and that for 37 years, it became a scar in my skin.
Wander what it did for me?

In this post a wanna share the before and after pics of this botox adventure!
I do not aprove, disapprove, tell you to get any off the above done or that you shouldn't have.
This is just my experience/ adventure/ investigation on Anna's Choice.

My before Botox face, with the (to me) annoying wrinkle between my eyebrows.


After the Botox injections!
I can not frown anymore or hardly and the line between my eyebrows 
is way softer and the skin is relaxed.

The injections did hurt I must say, a burning sensation.
I needed 5 shots. The first 2 were ok, the 3d was ouch and the 4d and 5d were AU!!!!!!!
The doctor told me that it would takes at least 1 or 2 weeks before it starts working.
That I have a chance of 1 in a million getting an eyelid complication,
 which will not last forever, but will disappear in about two weeks. Everything is fine so far :-)
This Botox treatment will last for about 3 to 4 months and that you can not get any medical injuries, 
other wise I would not do this experiment off course. Pffffffff......

I must say it is a weird experience this whole Botox thing.
*It did soften my line, *you do not feel it when you paralyze your muscles, *yes it hurts (when you get injected) and in my case it does *not really change my normal facial expression.
I still don't know what to think or feel of it, so I don't think it is addictive in my case!

Healthy food, lots of love and doing what you like in life, 
are off course number 1 to look your best!

What do you think?
Bisou Anna


  1. first of you, you look amazing. your skin looks so healthy and it is glowing. but hey, i am a botox user. why?? well the little lines were getting to deep and start being white. I have injections in my forehead, between my eyebrows and under my eyes (note!!! the little lines under your eyes will not disappear with botox). around my mouth i have fillers, because botox will paralyze the muscles and your mouth would start to hang. I know it costs money; but La Prarie will cost me the same and will not be that effective. but please, do not go to Charlatans.... go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.. I am using it for a year now and i do feel better about myself. it is like your face will open up. Note!! your skin will not look healthier, so you will never look like a 20 year old again!! but again girl, so jealous of your impeccable skin.

  2. Juudje! Aan de botox! Hehe, ach ja, why not! Ik vind je sowieso prachtig. Met of zonder lijntje. Was mij uberhaupt nooit opgevallen hoor! Kussies, nichie Es

  3. You look great now:) I had botox injections too, but mine didn't hurt at all. Where did you had the treatment? I did it at the best botox Toronto clinic, because a friend told me not to choose a the cheapest offer, because there is the risk to fall in the hands of an unprofessional doctor, and that's something I wanted to avoid.

  4. how much did itvost?

  5. oops, my apologies.

    How much did it cost?

  6. Wow, Anna! Yours is one of the most encouraging results I’ve seen. You know, the thing that scares people from taking this procedure is obviously looking like they had one. Yours looks so natural! It didn’t change your appearance drastically, but your aura it definitely changed… a lot! :D

  7. Hello, Anna! Well, I find myself smiling as I look at your pictures!! :D You really look beautiful! Your skin looks fresh and I really can’t spot any signs of aging! You really look so young and happy!

  8. “Healthy food, lots of love and doing what you like in life”, I agree with this one! When your heart is happy, it’ll reflect on the outside. Anyway, I really admire your bravery for facing the needles -- all for the sake of beauty!


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