Sunday, 24 April 2011

Book of Passion

Yesterday I was photographed by Rene Dissel.
A dutch photographer who is shooting portraits of "passionate" people.
People who live, work, love, act and make decisions thru passion.
In that case I consider myself passionate..... definitely :-)
And I was flattered to have been asked to pose for his book.

We had a lot of fun while shooting (you can see a peek of my living room), 
trying to make the usual portrait a little bit different and more me.
Hope I can show you the result real soon!

Happy Easter!

Bisou Anna


  1. wwooow what an honor, it is like validation of your work! so fabulous. and you have picked out the right outfit. the colors look fabulous and i love that delicate blouse

  2. Love your blouse! ♥

  3. WOOOW can't wait to see them, the backstage and preview seems interesting. The blouse seems very cool, very DVF.. ( maybe I already said that once XD.... )


  4. Wow. What an awesome thing to do! The outfit is lovely, adore the red! And in answer to your comment.. I would love to dye my hair orangey like Sea of Shoes but i dont want to bleach my hair, for she is naturally blonde. My hair colour does fade fast so will be redying it soon, so let me know what you think when i do! :) Im following back.

    Happy Easter xxx

  5. woooow this is amazing , good for you :) xoxo

  6. That's so cool!! Didn't know. But it sounds fantastic and he is so right to have picked you! By the way.... Love the colour on your lips, as I always do :-)!!

    Happy to have such a passionate girlfriend!!

    xx Gwen

  7. Very pretty! Love the outfit, love these shots!

  8. Love your blouse.Thats a nice bra you have under it. Can you please tell me where you got it from?


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