Thursday, 3 March 2011


I was invited to the MONKI store to check out the new collection Spring 2011 The Wonderworld Issue 
MMMmmmm what to say about Monki!
It's fun, 80s, young, cheap, casual... reminds me of a cheap American Apparel
or a Divided by H&M.
It is not my style, I am to "old" or lets say I am to much of a woman hahahaha...
But check it out yourself at MONKI online

When you are there, click on MONKI TV to see bloggers exclusively 
style, advise or D.I.Y. (do it yourself) like Susie Bubble and Housewifes
A great initiative by MONKI which I love!

Oh and here is another monkey by George Michael on YouTube
It really suits the whole Monki store feel 

Ciao Ciao
Bisou Anna


  1. it’s indeed a quirky and bold and young collection. The way they present the brand is appealing to youth. (Anna does this means that we are no longer youth, than what are we, I say very stylish!!!!!). I must say I love the shoes, the wedgies look quirky. Definitely will check it out.

    oh i've put you on my blogroll

  2. Haha, leuk geschreven! Er zaten wel wat leuke dingetjes tussen vond ik!
    Maar het was echt overcrowded!

  3. Great post! really loving the shoes above! :)

    Fashion Rehab

  4. I got back from Málaga (Costa del Sol) last night.I have been disconnected from the blogosphere for a week, but not from life, because there was a MOnKI magazine in my postbox when I arrived, and here is your post about it. I love their shoes.
    Do you know is they sell on line????
    Besos my dear Anna.


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