Thursday, 17 March 2011

Linda's Closet

Linda Botter - CEO @ Maison PR  
 Louboutin heels and beauty product addict.

Designer: Coco Chanel herself and upcoming Dutch designer Sarena Huizinga (knitted designs, unbelievable beautiful, very Chanel like)

Inspiratie: Magazines, celebrities and surroundings/nature

Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot & Jackie O

Clothing: Heels Heels Heels and dresses of course to pair them with the heels

Store: Karen Millen (especcially in Londen), Christian Louboutin, the ‘oldest’ store in Paris, at the Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau (this is bad.. I even know the adress by heart). Zara in Barcelona at the Plaza de Cataluña. In Amerca I love Sephora. I’m fond of beauty and they have a lot of unknown brands there that we don’t.

Color: Mint green (old vintage green), always has been, since I was a little child.

Fragrance: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia of Estée Lauder (you should all really try these two), pureDKNY and Allure Sensuelle of Chanel.

Make-up: On my eyes, every single day ‘paint’ - MAC, with a layer of eyeshadow from Estee Lauder. Mascara Sumptuous extreme by Estée Lauder. Double Wear foundation by Estée Lauder, Guerlain brow pencil, MAC or Chanel lipstick. 

Own Style: Modern interpretation of the fifties/sixties, elegant with a Dutch touch (Sorry folks, but Ihave to cycle every day ;-)), always high heels and preferably dressed up - in a dress!

Fashion Understatement: To small clothing, greasy hair, bagpacks (when you’re not on a journey), big pulls/sweaters (the worst are made of fleece) and hiking pants, you know the ones with zippers, so you can make them shorter? brrrrrrrr.... oh and hike schoes for ladies.

Bad Buy: A pair of pricy Michael Kors boots from L.A. who are not fitting very well. My friend also bought them and has the same problem, so this is a double bad buy. But they are gorgeous in my closet.

Ultimate Styling Tip: Always invest in shoes and bags. How much weight you will gain or lose, they will always fit and will be your BFF (best friend forever)!

Thank you for visiting Anna's Choice today.
I hope you like Linda's Closet as much as I had fun shooting and editing it.
Thank you Linda!

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Bisou Anna


  1. She has a beautiful Chanel pair of shoes!!!!

  2. One side are all the dark colors and the other side are all the vibrant colors. What accessories, so much toooo choose from. And of course she has all the Louboutins in the world. Love the fact that they are organized by brand. Also the clutches seem very organized. If she is going to drink that bottle, she can ask me to join here. Not only does she has a fashion taste, she knows the best brands in the world. love this post

  3. Beautiful closet and clothes!!!




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