Monday, 14 March 2011

Jeans Dress

My jeans dress from ZARA which I bought during the 70% sale days for €9,90
A great score........ I just love little treasures like that!
Lets glam it up with fake fur, a vintage belt and a silk scarf. 

The golden flower brooch is vintage and was a gift from my grandmother.
The glamming up works out just great!

Later today, I will go thru my Closet and will put a lot on Anna's SALE
Not these items, but just as cute :-) 
see you later!
Bisou Anna


  1. I like wearing Zara´s items when everybody has forgotten about them, and you are not going to find 20 people in the street wearing it.
    Love the dress and the way you have paire it.
    Have a great day dear Ana.

  2. I love it and love how you styled it!

  3. It’s a winner. What an kopje. It has the most fabulous cut and I love the color. So classy and chique. But what you did with the fur is just amazing. Oh girl you know how to put a look together. oh that little belt, love it.

  4. chic outfit! You should take photos wearing this, would look great on you.. ++ i love the gold appliques on the scarf.. Great stuff!!


    make sure to
    check out my blog!!..

  5. this dress is soooo cute! would go with everything!


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