Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bodys of work for Vogue US

This is a great series in the new Vogue US from April 2011

All the models got there own insecurities but also know there best assets and how to work with them!
Being beautiful is not about being thin, it is about being different and unique!
Bisou Anna

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  1. well sometimes it is not so fun to look at pictures like this. this is the time when you realize that you are just 152 cm and that you do not want to stand next to girls like them. but thank god for women this gorgeous. and i do not want to talk about there cheek bones...

  2. Hey Mrs. K.... you are very beautiful. I see it on every picture on your blog.
    That is what I am trying to explain with this post. I am also to small, 1.65
    and 10 kilo's to big for the fashion industry. But thats the whole thing,
    IT IS NOT REAL!!!!!! Work with what you got... and thats what you do.
    Bisou Anna


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