Monday, 16 August 2010

Red Lips !!!

Red lipstick is never out of fashion!  
It's a classic and also this season you can paint those lips red!
My personal and proffesional opinion is that red lipstick is for every woman.
It is an instant boost of safistication, sexyness and power.
So when you wake up and need a litle pick me up, RED LIPSTICK!
You just have to choose the wright color red.
Go to a good store, were you can test the color on the lips and not the hand.

There is one but !
You need a clean complexion. So use some foundation, to get rid of redness in youre skin and keep youre eyemake-up minimal.
We don't like trashy.

The 3 streetwear pictures are some examples for you to see that it suits everybody and every look.
pictures are made by Garance Doré.

                                                So paint those lips red today !

                                                                     Bisou Anna

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  1. And if I may add: the (blood) red lipstick from Dutch make-up artist Ellis Faas is the best!!
    x Kasia


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